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Chapter 7: How Much is Enough

Push the barrel up the ramp and climb up the rock. The first secret is close to the beginning of the level but is extremely difficult to grab. Drop down to the toxic water and swing across under the rock ledge. You’ll need to tie knots and lasso across to the left without dropping down into the water. At the far left end you’ll find the secret.

Unravel Chapter 7 Secret 1Swing your way through the caverns until you come to a rock on the side of the cliff face. Pull it down and it will catapult you across to the second secret. Make sure you’re standing on the right side of it before you pull it down.

Unravel Chapter 7 Secret 2Continue along until you come to a small office window. Go inside, drop down under the table and jump on the switch to turn on the light. Push the office chair along so you can jump up to all of the tables.

At the other side of the office knock over the book, pull the lever down to turn on the light, tie a knot to the window flap, pull the machine on the ledge closer and tie a knot to that as well. Push the machinery back to the left to open the flap so you can get out. It should look like the pic below.

Unravel Chapter 7 OfficeClimb up the wires to the top left. Tie a knot and jump across to the satellite dish. Build a yarn bridge and jump over to the left for the third secret.

Unravel Chapter 7 Secret 3To get across the power lines you’ll need to jump when you hear the thunder otherwise poor little Yarny will get electrocuted!

Ride across on the swinging arm and onto the conveyor. Push the lamp onto the conveyor so you can jump onto it to get up the next part.

Unravel Chapter 7 ConveyorFor the next part you’ll need to take a ride on the chain while avoiding the coils. Try not to swing too much and you should make it through ok.

Unravel Chapter 7 CoilsOnce you reach the top of the chain continue to the left and swing into the fourth secret.

Unravel Chapter 7 Secret 4Climb back up and jump onto the push pad. It will push you upwards so you can continue on your journey to the right.

The fifth secret is not to hard to pick up but it is hidden out of site. When you come to the drawers pull out the bottom one all the way out. Hop inside and then pull out the middle drawer. The secret is at the back of this drawer.

Unravel Chapter 7 Secret 5To get to the birds nest and end the level you’ll need to turn off the power. Close the bottom two drawers and pull open the top one.

Climb up and pull open the white electrical outlet. Climb inside. Tie a knot to the metal electrical closet and climb over the pipe above to open it. Lasso onto the lever inside and drop down to turn the power off. Go back out and swing across to the nest to end the level.

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