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Chapter 3: Berry Mire

The first secret is found at the beginning of the level. Walk across to the third branch and then swing up and to the left. Continue swinging up, making two bridges along the way so you can jump high enough. On the second bridge jump across to the left to lasso a higher branch and swing across to the secret.

Unravel Chapter 3 Secret 1

Hop down and walk across to the small lake. The log underneath the first one will break off allowing you to ride it across the lake.

Unravel Chapter 3 LogFor the next part pull the lever down to let the log into the pool. Tie a knot to the log. Make sure the log is to the left so you can jump on it later. Tie a knot on the peg and then pull the arm down. When the arm is in the down position tie a knot to it so the water keeps filling up the pool. Jump to the log and untie the log to float to the right hand side.

Unravel Chapter 3 Water PoolAt the next section build a yarn bridge between the two tie points and push the rock over the edge to the right. It will knock another rock and they both will fall down the hill. At the bottom you can use them to jump over the pool of water.

Grab the yarn. As soon as you touch the rocks beyond it they will fall. Gently drop off the edge for the second secret.

Unravel Chapter 3 Secret 2Lasso up the white tree and the second branch will break off. Push it along to the pool so you can use it to jump across the water.

Tie a knot on the log and drag it along with you so you can use it to get across all of the ponds. If you lasso any of the mosquitoes in this area you’ll miss out on the pacifist achievement. The mosquitoes will slow you down a little so it may be tempting to swat them away!

The third secret is a little bit tricky. Pull the see-saw down to the left and tie a knot to hold it in place. Swing up to the knot on the other side of the see-saw and then jump up and around the over. Open the oven door and two logs will fall out. Go inside and pull out a third log. Now push all the logs across to the left to make the secret come out. Go back over the oven and collect it.

Unravel Chapter 3 Secret 3Now climb up over the entire structure and continue to the right. The mosquitoes will return when you reach the swamp.

As you continue through the swamp you’ll come across a rock in the swamp. Tie a knot to it and pull it over to the right. You want it to flip upside down onto the log so you can jump on it and make a jumping lasso to the tree to the right.

Unravel Chapter 3 Rock in SwampMake your way by through the car by tying a knot on the lever on the bonnet and pulling it to the right. Go into the car and through where the engine should be and you’ll come out through the front grill.

For the fourth secret jump onto the car and push off the watering can to the right all the way to the ground. Once on the ground push it or pull it to the left and into the pond so you can jump across it to the secret.

Unravel Chapter 3 Secret 4Make a bridge on to of the bonnet and jump across to the branch on the right to continue on your way.

After the moose appears and distracts all of the mosquitoes grab the bag from the ground on the right and drag it under the trees to the left so you can use it to jump up. You’ll need to make a bridge and jump further to the left so you can grab the extra yarn.

Drop back to the ground and push the bag back to the right so you can jump up.

The next secret is quite easy to find. After jumping up make a bridge and hop over to the left where you can find the fifth secret.

Unravel Chapter 3 Secret 5Use the bridge to jump up over to the right. Swing down and grab the yarn on the ground under the branch. Continue to the right, climb the dying tree and end the level.

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