The Invasion of Kalimdor Walkthrough

  1. Landfall – Find where the Orc horde have gone to after arriving on Kalimdor.
  2. The Long March – Fight off the Centaur ambush and keep the caravan alive.
  3. Cry of the Warsong – Build a base and fight off the Humans.
  4. The Spirits of Ashenvale – Take Grom to establish a base for the Orcs.
  5. The Hunter of Shadows – Find the Chaos Well hidden to the north.
  6. Where Wyverns Dare – Destroy the Human base guarding Stonetalon Peak.
  7. The Oracle – Enter into the caverns to find the Oracle.
  8. By Demons be Driven – Rescue Grom from the Demon’s influence.