Main Quest

Slash and Burn – Collect 15,000 lumber.

Optional Quests

Furbolg Chieftan – Slay the Furbolg Chieftan.

Destroy the Trees of Life – Kill all of the elven Trees of Life.


1) Boots of Speed to the west of the orc base.

2) The Dark Troll Warlord by the mine with 40,000 gold drops a Potion of Greater Healing.

3) A Tome of Agility is in the middle of the map protected by Forest Spirits.

The Spirits of Ashenvale Walkthrough

You are now in control of Grom and given the charge to collect 15,000 lumber for the new orc base. You have a small base already set up but one thing is notably missing, the Gold Mine!

As soon as you break through the line of trees to the north west you’ll be attacked by elven archers. Continue heading to the north west to find the first mine with just over 9,000 gold. You’ll need to set your Great Hall up here so you can collect gold.

Before you have a decent amount of gold coming on focus on building more watch towers to protect against Hippogryph Riders which will be attacking from the north within the first few minutes.

Grom is a powerful fighter and has the Wind Walk and Mirror Image spells. Wind Walk allows Grom to explore the area unseen, without fear of being attacked for 20 seconds. Later he’ll learn the Blade Storm which is a devastating attack.

Destroy the Trees of Life

Warcraft 3 Reign of Chaos Orc Chapter 4 Pic 1

Send Grom and a few orcs to explore the area to the west of your base and you’ll come across the first Tree of Life.

Once the Tree has been destroyed it will give you 3,000 lumber. This makes your objective of achieving 15,000 lumber that much easier.

Just west of the first Tree are Boots of Speed protected by Forest Spirits.

Secure a Gold Mine

Further west along the southern border is another Gold Mine with 40,000 gold. This should be all the gold you need for this mission. It’s mostly surrounded by trees which makes defending this area much easier.

This mine is guarded by Trolls. The level 6 Dark Troll Warlord drops a Potion of Greater Healing. Build a Great Hall and Guard Towers by this big mine. You may also want a Barracks and a Beastiary here as well.

There are more elves further west of this mine with fairly strong defenses and another Tree of Life. When you are ready send your forces out to clear this elven base and collect more lumber from the Tree of Life.

Slay the Furbolg Chieftan

With two gold mines secured build a few extra Peons to collect lumber as quickly as possible.

Warcraft 3 Reign of Chaos Orc Chapter 4 Pic 2To the north of your base is Neeloc Greedyfingers. He’ll give you the quest to Slay the Furbolg Chieftan and in return will give you two Shredders for chopping down trees even faster.

The Shredders aren’t really necessary because the Trees of Life give you so much lumber anyway but you may want to complete this quest for the fun of it.

The Furbolg Chieftan is slightly to the north of the blue elves base in the south west. Slay him and return to Neeloc to pick up the Shredders.

Collecting Lumber

There is another lightly defended Tree of Life to the north of your original base on the eastern edge of the map. This will give you another 3,000 lumber and by now you should have almost hit your quota.

There is another Tree of Life in the light blue elf camp to the north east. If you still need more lumber there is another elf camp to the north west of the map.

With all the lumber harvested it’s time to move on to the next chapter, The Hunter of Shadows.