The King’s Exit – Bring King Arthas to the city exit on the northern side of the map.

Meat Wagon SurpriseĀ (Optional) – Kill the guards and rescue the Meat Wagons.


Staff of Reanimation

Tome of Intelligence

Tome of Agility

Claws of Attack +3

Orb of Venom


The Flight from Lordaeron Walkthrough

You begin with just King Arthas but quickly gather new troops as you head towards the north. This mission is not all that difficult. Make sure you use the Skeletons to lead the attack so you can keep your main forces intact for as long as possible.

Send your shades out ahead to scout the areas first. Your main troops should have no difficulty dealing with everything on the map if you’re a little careful. Use Death Coil to keep all of your units alive.

Meat Wagons – About a third of the way up on the western side you’ll get the quest to rescue the Meat Wagons. They’re being guarded by Algammon, a level 1 hero and a couple of Golems. Once you’ve killed all of the guards the Meat Wagons will join your team and will greatly help with the rest of the mission.

The last battle before leaving Lordaeron will be with an Undead called Bloodfeast who has 3000 health. Make sure your units are healed up, raise some Undead to help and go in for the kill. Once he’s dead move out to the north to complete the mission.

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