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Hunter is your wingman for the next couple of missions and you’ll be flying Raptors. The Kilrathi are sending out ships to scour the area. You must fend them off before they find the Tiger’s Claw.

Corsair B 1

Objective: Patrol the Nav points and destroy any enemy ships

This mission is ridiculous to the point of being stupid. As soon as you launch you’ll be attacked by 5 Dralthis and then 5 Salthis. Hunter won’t be any help at all. Fend them off and then head out to Nav 1. You may need to drive away the last Dralthi so you don’t have to face the 5 Salthis as you need to conserve fuel for this mission. If you come back to the Tiger’s Claw without reaching all the Nav points you’ll need to face the waves again.

There’s only asteroids at Nav 1 so fly carefully through them and then proceed to Nav 2. At Nav 2 there’s a Ralari protected by 3 Grathas and then 3 Dralthis show up. At this point Hunter will probably give up and go home so you’re on your own for the rest of the mission. Conserve your fuel and try to drive away the last Gratha to avoid having to face the Dralthis as well.

Continue to Nav 3 where you’ll be met by 3 Jalthis defending a Snakeir. After clearing out all the Nav points make your way back to the Tiger’s Claw to end the mission.

Corsair B 2

Objective: Destroy the Kilrathi troop transports

The Kilrathi are sending in transports filled with ground troops. Destroy the Dorkirs before they jump out of the system. On the way to Nav 1 you’ll come across 3 Slathis (1 Drakhai). Destroy them and then continue to Nav 1 where you’ll be met by 5 Salthis.

Somewhere between Nav 1 and Nav 2 you’ll find the first Dorkir escorted by 5 to 6 Dralthis. Don’t worry about the Dralthis just go straight for the Dorkir because it’s not very tough. Soon the second Dorkir will jump in. Take it out as well and head back to the Tiger’s Claw. You can skip Nav 2 which only has 2 Hhriss.

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