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If you fail any of the sectors, except for Goddard, you’ll end up in the Retreat series where you need to escort the Tiger’s Claw out of Kilrathi territory. You’ll be flying with Maniac in Scimitars.

Retreat 1

Objective: Clear the way for the Tiger’s Claw

You’ll need to fly to each of the Nav points and clear the area. At Nav 1 you’ll find 4 Krants with a Fralthi. Nav 2 has three waves of Dralthis with 5 Dralthi in each wave (5+5+5). At Nav 3 you’ll need to fight 3 Grathas with 2 Ralaris. Destroy all the Kilrathi and return to the Claw to complete the mission.

Retreat 2

Objective: Defend the Tiger’s Claw

When you launch the Claw will be under attack by 5 Dralthis. Once you defeat them the Claw will be attacked by a further 5 Grathas. You’ll need to taunt the Grathas away from the Claw or they will destroy it. If you chase the last Darlthi away the Grathas won’t show up.

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