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Once you’re finished with The Isle of Mists the Battle of Kaer Morhen will begin immediately. Your friends and allies will be waiting for you at the Kaer Morhen keep ready to plan for the battle.

As you enter the grounds of Kaer Morhen you can talk to all the characters you see along the way. Enter into the main hall and walk past Keira Metz if she’s there and the planning will begin.

Battle Preparations

During the meeting you’ll have two choices to make and they’ll have a small effect on the battle. You can decide to focus resources on the lab or the workshop. If you focus on the lab you’ll have a few extra supplies, Superior Swallow, Thunderbolt and a Runestone. If you focus on the workshop Eskel will lay out exploding traps in the courtyard.

For the second choice you can either patch the holes in the walls or dig out the armory. If you patch up the walls you’ll have fewer waves of the Hunt to deal with. If you dig out the armory you’ll find a silver sword called Rose of Shaerrawed.

Hunting in the Forest

Your first task is to go out into the forest with Lambert (and Letho if he’s available) to close three portals. You can close them with Dimeritium Bombs or the Yrden sign. If you want to save the bombs for later just run close to the portals and cast Yrden. Clear out any of the Wild Hunt that have made their way through and head to the next portal.

Ciri’s Story

The focus will move to Ciri and she’ll be given an amulet that she can use to call down fireballs. Make sure you blink out of the way before the fireballs land. Follow the wall around until you meet Triss. Kill all the enemies to finish this event.

Returning to the Keep

Ride Roach back to the keep and enter through the main gate. Climb the wall and pull the lever up the top to close the gate.


If Keira is here she will save Lambert and they will fall in love later. If Keira is not here than you’ll need to climb back down and kill the Wild Hunt soldiers so Lambert can retreat.

Make your way back to the inner courtyard, killing all the enemies as you go. Triss will need some help, and then Ciri will go out to help Eskel.

Ciri’s Story

Caranthir will retreat and you’ll be playing Ciri as she helps Eskel defeat the rest of the Wild Hunt. Move forwards and use the wheel to open the gate for the rest of the allies.

Closing the Portals

The portals are now opening up around the courtyard so you’ll need to use the Dimeritium Bombs or Yrden to close them. You can find more bombs in the crates littered about the place if you need more.

When you’re in the heat of battle making your way towards Triss those closes to the gate, including Geralt, will freeze. The Wild Hunt will enter and Vesemir will try to stop them. Ciri lets out a powerful scream after Vesemir is killed and the Wild Hunt retreat for now.

After the battle you’ll be with your remaining friends at Vesemir’s funeral and this quest will end.

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