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Mission 7: Approaching the Mines

Collectibles: Essence Rune: Attack, Golden Statue

Run forwards towards the mine entrance. You won’t be able to enter the mines or the fortress on the left side of the compound for this mission. Start off by dropping down to the lookout platform and taking out the Scorcher. Move his body back a bit so it can’t be seen by wandering soldiers.

Look down to the right and listen in to the conversation between the soldiers. You’ll be given the objectives to find 2 objects and observe 2 areas.

From here follow the path around to the left.

Inside you’ll find a hole. Drop down to find Essence Rune: Attack hidden in a small alcove. Drop down to grab it and then jump back up.

There’s no specific order you need to reach the objectives. You’ll see them dotted all around you. The first item is inside this building. Jump up to the middle floor and walk around the corner. Take out the patrolling soldier and you’ll see the object in front of you.

Come out to the open area and shadow dash up to the wooden beams to observe the area.

From here you’ll be able to see the second object in the building in the center. You may want to take out a couple of the patrolling guards first but it is possible to sneak past them all to pick it up.

If you look up from the beams and shadow leap up, you can make your way up the side of the cliff. Golden Statue #11 can be found on a grass ledge at the top.

Climb to the top of the building and make your way to the final objective, the second observation area. It’s behind a large building but you can observe it from the rooftop to avoid all the soldiers.

Once you’ve completed all the objectives head back to the starting portal to finish the mission.

Mission 8: Sumire’s Old Master

Collectibles: Golden Statue, Essence Rune: Protection

You’ll be back to the Lone Mountain for this mission. Head up the hill and enter through the front gate which is now open. We’ll pick up a couple of collectibles and then head back through the side entrance we used last time.

Once inside the gate follow the path to the right. Shadow leap up to the fence around to the left and then up to the higher courtyard where you’ll find Golden Statue #12.

From here jump to the grass behind the Defender. Look to the corner where you can see the bridge. You want to double jump over the fence and then dash.

You’ll land under the bridge on a small bit of land where you can find Essence Rune: Protection.

Now you’ll need to jump up the ledges and make your way back to the other entrance that you used last time. It will be easier to escape this way.

I prefer to clear out the rooms as I make my way towards the target. It is possible to sneak past them without being seen.

In the second room you’ll spot Sumire’s Old Master. You can lure the patrolling soldiers out with a targeted whisper or avoid them.

Jump and dash behind the target and knock him out. Jump down to the long grass. Drop the Master, sneak up to the civilian and use a Smoke Bomb. Quickly grab the Master again and sneak through the door.

Now it should be a fairly simple run back to the portal to end the mission.

Mission 9: Mysterious Assignment

Collectibles: Golden Statue x 2, Dyes: Brown

We’ll be back at the mine for this mission and there are three collectibles to find. Make your way over to the left and head over the rooftop of the large building.

Look down the other side and land on the beam. From here drop down to Golden Statue #13.

Shadow leap back up and continue around the side of the cliff by the ocean. Jump onto the roof of the next building and drop over the edge at the second flag.

Jump in the window to find Dyes: Brown. Shadow leap up to the higher window and you’ll see the objective marker for the informant.

Climb in the window, drop down to the lower floor and hide behind the small wall as you read the letter.

Sneak out the way you came in and make your way towards the mines. Use the pillars to enter without being seen.

The final collectible can be reached by jumping and dashing up and to the left from the entrance. On a rock ledge above you’ll find Golden Statue #14.

The contact is high up on the other side of the mine. You can follow the path to the left or right until you can shadow dash onto one of the pillars in the large open area. Dash up to the ledge above the big face in the wall and talk to the informant behind the doors.

There are two portal to exit so take whichever one you want and head back to the village.

Back at the village talk to Danjuro and then Leader Katashi. Head around to the back of the temple and climb up the grass ledges as high as you can. Then double-jump and dash across to the second rooftop from the top.

Walk around to the other side to find the door is open. You can go inside for the Dyes: Black.

Mission 10: Mysterious Assassination

For this mission you’ll need to eliminate the target. There are no more collectibles to find. Head forwards and make your way around the side of the building to the left. When you reach this balcony you can sneak through the long grass to the other side.

From here shadow leap across to the next balcony on the corner. Pull up and either take out the soldier or sneak inside. You’ll be close enough to see the yellow objective marker.

Sneak down the stairs and take out the target, just watch out for patrolling soldiers.

Make your way back to the portal to escape and complete the mission.

Mission 11: Akatsuchi Strategic Information

Collectibles: Dyes: Red, Essence Rune: Silence

Back at Highcastle you’ll need to find the 3 sets of defensive information. Drop down on the right side and take out the Defender by the long grass. Then shadow leap up to the lookout and take out the Scorcher. Shadow leap across to the other side of the bridge and jump onto the building on the left.

Make your way across to the other side of the roof and drop down to the long grass on the other side. Leap over the outer wall of the building and turn towards the open area. The first bit of information is in the center.

Sneak to the center when the soldiers aren’t looking, use the Smoke Bomb to hide your activities and steal the Defensive Information #1.

Quickly shadow leap out of there and continue towards the back of the village. You’ll notice a high wall at the back but there is a gap on the left where you can jump across to the other side.

When you drop down look diagonally to the left and dash into the grass. Inside the small shrine you’ll find Dyes: Red.

Head up the stairs on the right and then up to the rooftops. The next objective is inside the large house. Use your shadow vision to locate it.

Take out the scorcher on the back roof and then enter through the side window that looks out to the center square.

From here you can drop down and pick up the Defensive Information #2. Get out the way you came and the make your way to the large mansion on the hill.

Behind the mansion you’ll find a shrine on the edge of the cliff. Just behind it is Essence Rune: Silence.

Head back and shadow leap to the arch on the side of the white mansion. From here you can reach the open windows.

Look inside and wait for the soldiers to be looking the other way before sneaking inside for Defensive Information #3.

Exit the mansion and take the portal closest to you to escape.

The Chronicler will be waiting for you back at the village. Then go and see Leader Katashi for an update. Head to the quest board to accept the next mission.

Mission 12: Rescue of Akatsuchi

Collectibles: Legacy Trousers, Golden Statue x 2

Follow the path around to the left by the cliff. The first collectible is on the other side of the waterfall. Jump and dash over to it for the Legacy Trousers.

Shadow leap back up to the ledge with long grass and turn around to look at the cliff. You’ll need to jump and dash up the side of the cliff to the higher ledges.

Follow the path along but watch out for the Scorcher. Drop down in the grass on the other side and make your way to the ruined building by the sea. The collectible, Golden Statue #15, is around the back on a little boat.

Step forwards onto the rocks and do a double-jump and dash onto the walkway behind the next building.

Walk across the boats and jump across to the boats on the other side with the Defender standing looking away. The final collectible is around the back of the shrine. Do a jump, dash and jump to land on the grass ledge behind it where you’ll find Golden Statue #16.

That’s it for the collectibles. The rest of the level is fairly straightforward. Head towards the location where the soldiers are having a conversation and eavesdrop on them. You can listen from the long grass above them.

Make your way towards the target. There aren’t too many soldiers patrolling in between so it should be a fairly easy path to navigate. Go inside the temple to complete the mission.

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