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When you get control of your character you’ll be taken through the basic movements such as jumping, double jumps, shadow leaps, dashes and sprinting. Follow the path up to the gate and crouch down in the flowers.

Sneak past the guards and then head over the bridge. Use Shadow Vision to see who’s on the other side of the wall and then Shadow Leap onto the top. Drop down and leap onto the wall on the right. Drop down the other side, grab the Sword and take out the Guard.

On the other side of the bridge you’ll engage in open combat. Follow the instructions to attack, block, parry and dodge, then finish of the Guard. We’ll be using stealth more than combat for this walkthrough.

Shadow Leap up to the next wall and perform an Aerial Assassination on the Guard below. Head up the stairs and sneak up to the next Guard to take him out.

Continue up the next set of stairs and lean on the wall to assassinate the next Guard. Make sure the Guard at the other end of the bridge isn’t watching. Take out the second Guard and jump over the wall.

From here you’ll be told to make your own way through the area. Leap across the rooftops and make your way up the hill with the red arches. Once you jump onto the final wall you’ll get a cutscene.

Kakurega Village

Collectibles: Essence Runes: Earth

After the cutscene you’ll speak with Leader Katashi. He’ll tell you to go see Iwao. Leave the building, head down the stairs and you’ll seee him below in the yard.

There’s one collectible that we can pick up right away. Follow the river along on the other side of the quest board. From here you’ll be able to see a small cave in the distance.

Drop down a couple of ledges below and then double-jump and dash into the cave. Inside you’ll find Essence Runes: Earth. There are two more collectibles in the village but they can’t be accessed until later in the game. Head over to the quest board, speak with Leader Katashi again and then take up the first mission.

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