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Mission 27: Family I

For this mission we’ll be risking life and limb to find origami materials for Sumire. It becomes available after talking to Sanzu.

There are no more collectibles to find. Use your shadow vision to discover the locations of the origami materials and use the tactics you’ve learnt up until now to sneak past the patrolling soldiers to steal them.

Shadow Pull is a handy ability to upgrade and lets you pull soldiers away and knock them out. It can be useful if you’re having trouble breaking through a tightly defended area.

Mission 28: Family II

For the second family mission you’ll need to honor the victims by avenging their deaths and then honor them with a prayer. There are 3 collectibles to find.

Head towards the buildings above the stone wall and break through the two paper walls dividing the rooms to find the Ronin Mask.

Vault over the low fence and hide in the grass. I like to use the Sonic Grenade and an Amnesia Needle to deal with the 3 soldiers. You might find a better way.

Deal with the Scorcher on the other side of the building with a Shuriken and then look over the edge to find the first target.

Wait for the soldiers to walk away and take him out, or use the Dark Flame on the blue lamp to stun them.

Head over the small bridge and clear out some of the soldiers before taking out the second target. The second collectible, the Conflagaration Blade can be found on a ledge behind the house in the corner.

Continue looping around until you find the graveyard. On the way you’ll spot a bell. Break the crates behind it to find the final collectible, Dyes: Crimson.

Here you can honor the victims and take out the last target. I use the Dark Flame to stun him.

With that done head back to the portal to return to the village.

Mission 29: Family III

I found this mission quite difficult. You need to collect the 6 materials but there are lots of guards protecting the designated areas, Lurkers on rooftops and Priests. I start by shadow leaping to the open window across the water and taking out the first soldier.

The Priest will send out another soldier to investigate so jump onto the roof, run to the other side and take out the Priest. Hide the body before the patrolling soldier comes back and take him out. Now you can work your way down to the lower floor, taking out the soldiers or sneaking past them and picking up the first item.

The second item is straight ahead over a few walls. I use a Sonic Grenade to stun the Defender and patrolling soldier. This gives you just enough time to grab the second item.

Jump onto the roof, take out the Lurker and look over the other side. The third item is down in a small room. Jump over the patrolling guard and shadow leap inside.

The next item is in the house just above. There are numerous soldiers in the house and patrolling outside. I found it easiest to jump over the fence into the back yard. Then sneak into the house for the item.

The second last item is in a yard towards the back of the village. There are a few soldiers and a Lurker on the roof but this shouldn’t be too much trouble.

Jump over the roof of the house on the left and take a look at the central yard. It looks like it’s crawling with soldiers but they’ll all actually move away, giving you time to swipe the final item. Use the Wraith ability to be 100% sure that you won’t get spotted as you get away.

Mission: 30: Family IV

This mission is not too difficult if you realize you’ll need to walk back with Danjuro and so clear the path as you go. He can be found inside a small room guarded by a Defender and patrolled by a soldier.

Use Wraith to get past the Defender and then assassinate him from behind the window. Grab Danjuro and sneak him back to the portal to complete the mission.

Mission 31: Family V

The mission requirements are quite simple. Reach the top of the castle without being detected or killing anyone. You can still knock out the guards, use Smoke Bombs, Amnesia Needles and things like that if you need to.

Find a spot on the wooden beam overlooking the courtyard with the pink sakura tree and enjoy the view for a few moments.

Head back to the portal to complete the mission.

Mission 32: Protection Seal I

Collectibles: Dyes: Light Yellow, Essence Rune: Warrior, Tengu Blade

For the first of the Protection Seal missions you’ll need to eliminate the Elite Soldiers. They have superior evasion and stamina and sometimes perform unstoppable attacks. There are 3 collectibles to find.

From the start follow the ledges up along the side of the cliff on the right side.

Up the top by the waterfall you’ll find the Dyes: Light Yellow.

Make your way forwards, following the direction of the river to the double-storey house. Just outside you’ll find the first Elite Soldier.

Use a targeted whisper to draw him away from the other soldiers while you hide in the long grass. When he gets close take him out. Make sure you pick up the Essential Oil once you’ve killed him.

Shadow leap onto the roof of the house. On the other side you’ll find Essence Runes: Warrior.

Drop down and look out over the edge towards the cliffs. You’ll notice the final collectible. Unfortunately if you try to drop straight down from here the game will teleport you back up.

You’ll need to head back and find a place that’s not so high to drop down to the lower path. Head back and when you see the second target you’ll know it’s the place to drop down.

Take him out and make your way down to the final collectible. Dash across the gap to reach it. This one is the blueprint for the Tengu Blade.

Dash back and go inside the nearby cave for the final Elite Soldier. There is a Defender on the other side but wait for him to walk behind the pillar and take him out.

Grab the extract and escape to complete the mission.

Mission 33: Protection Seal II

For this mission you’ll need to find the Essential Incense. There are 3 to find and they’re protected by Elite Soldiers. Head up the path and climb over the wall. The first Incense can be found in the small building next to the platform. Stealth past the soldiers and grab it. Watch out for the Lurker on the roof.

Head out the other window and drop down to the alley. Use your Shadow Vision to figure out where the other 2 are located.

The second Incense can be found in a large building on the ground floor. I found a side entrance, took out the soldiers one at a time until I found the Incense in a square room. You can crouch on the beams above to stay out of sight.

Make your way out and head to the final location. You’ll find it in a small building close to the bridge to the first portal. There’s a Lurker on the roof and an Elite Guard patrolling outside.

Grab it and get back to the portal to complete the mission.

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