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Level 10: Xanthar’s Outer Sanctum, Mantis Hive

Once you reach level 10 you’ll be getting pretty close to Xanathar’s lair. In the outer sanctum you’ll find the Mantis Hive. The Mantis Warriors have two weapons, a thrown dagger and a halberd. The halberds are coated with a paralysing poison.

1) Stairs up to Level 9 #84.

2) Suit of Plate Mail.

3) Teleporters fill the hall between here and #4. When you stand on the Pressure Plate at #3 all the teleporters will be deactivated. To land on the Pressure Plate go through the first teleporter, turn around 180 degrees and go through the teleporter in front of you.

4) The inscription on the south wall reads “Proper sequence”.

5) An inscription on the south wall reads “Thirteen”.

6) Cleric Scrolls of Remove Paralysis and Flame Blade.

7) There is a Portal on the west wall that requires a Stone Scepter to activate. It takes you to Level 8 #72.

8) Nothing here.

9) There is a Portal on the east wall that requires a Stone Ring to activate. It takes you to Level 6 #45.

10) In the eastern alcoves are four Mantis Warriors.

11) Poison Potion.

12) Wand of Frost.

13) Cleric Scroll of Cure Critical Wounds Flame Blade.

14) Pressing the Button on the wall causes a Mantis Warrior to appear behind you. There’s also a Useless Wand here.

15) This is where you find Prince Keirgar. Return him to the Dwarven Camp on Level 5.

16) The message on the east wall reads “Welcome”. When you step here a Magic Missile trap is activated.

17) Use a Skull Key to open the door to the south.

18) The inscription on the north wall says “In case of fire…”

19) Open the door to revel a Button. Pushing the Button activates a Magic Missile trap.

20) Open the door to reveal a Buttton. Pushing the Buttton activates a Fireball spell.

21) The message on the wall reads “In case of flood…”

22) Two Mantis Warriors.

23) “Hive” is written on both the north and south walls.

24) Two Mantis Warriors.

25) One Mantis Warrior.

26) An Arrow.

27) Mantis Warrior.

28) Pit in the ceiling. You can drop down to here from Level 9 #75.

29-31) If you entered this level from #33 then place a weapon on each of the Pressure Plates to open the door to the north.

32) An inscription on the wall reads “Stow yer weapons.”

33) Stairs up to Level 9 #77.

34) Three Mantis Warriors.

35) Mantis Warrios can be found patrolling this area.

36) A Skull Key and the remains of the Ranger Tyrra. Take his bones back to the Dwarven Cleric if you want to resurrect him.

37) There are blocks in the corridor leading to the room with locations 40, 41 and 42. Pull the Lever twice to reveal the Levers at #38 and #39.

38) Pull the Lever twice to reveal the room to the north.

39) Pull the Lever twice to open the passage back to the south.

40) Potion of Giant Strength and an inscription on the wall that reads “Jump”.

41) This pit is the only way down to Level 11. It takes you down to Level 11 #1.

42) Ring of Feather Fall and a message on the wall that reads “Jump”.

43) Cleric Scroll of Neutralize Poison.

44) A Secret Button on the west wall opens the passage to the south.

45) Mage Scroll of Cone of Cold.

46) An Arrow.

47) Stairs up to Level 9 #76.

48) When you approach this location you’ll be stopped by Shindia, a female drow elf spy for Xanathar. If you decide to “hear her out” you’ll learn more about the situation.

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