Eye of the Beholder is a role-playing game developed by Westwood Associates and released for the PC in 1991. It was also available for the Amiga, Sega CD, SNES and Game Boy Advance. It’s still playable today by purchasing the GOG version or using Dos Box or an Amiga emulator.

Your team has been hired by the Lords of Waterdeep to investigate the source of trouble lying beneath the city. When you enter the tunnels the entrance collapses, forcing you to delve deeper into this underground labyrinth. As you descend you’ll come across various races inhabiting the underworld. Some of them friendly but most of them not.

You begin by creating a party of four characters. There’s numerous NPCs that you can add to your party along the way, and slots for an additional two characters in your party.

Eye of the Beholder doesn’t feature an automap although you can add one to the PC version by installing the All Seeing Eye mod. Simply run the ASE mod, select the game folder where Eye of the Beholder is located, load your save game (you need to have a party created before this will work), click on “Start Search” to find your party and the map should load in a window next to your game.

Eye of the Beholder Walkthrough

Level 1: Upper Sewer Level
Level 2: Middle Sewer Level
Level 3: Lower Sewer Level
Level 4: Upper Level Dwarven Ruins
Level 5: Dwarven Ruins and Camp
Level 6: Bottom Level of Dwarven Ruins
Level 7: Upper Reaches of the Drow
Level 8: Drow Outcasts
Level 9: Lower Reaches of the Drow
Level 10: Xanthar’s Outer Sanctum, Mantis Hive
Level 11: Xanthar’s Outer Sanctum, Lower Reaches
Level 12: Xanthar’s Inner Sanctum

If you liked this game make sure you check out Eye of the Beholder 2: The Legend of Darkmoon for more RPG fun. It continues the adventures just after the heroes return to Waterdeep.