Forager is a 2D exploration and crafting game inspired by such games as Stardew Valley, Zelda and Terraria. To be successful you’ll need to manage resources, buy land, explore dungeons, battle bosses and solve puzzles. There are many accessories to craft and structures to build that will make life easier on your island.

There’s always many things to do which is what makes this game so addictive. Will you build up your economy or explore the magic arts? Do you want more skill at finding resources or faster production? The way you play is up to you. The following guide will give you tips for getting started and provide full solutions to the puzzles and dungeons.

Forager Walkthrough

Getting Started
Making Money


Forager was developed by HopFrog and released on April 18 2019. It features over 10 hours of gameplay and tons of content. It’s available for Windows 7 and above and you’ll need a minimum 1024 MB of RAM with a 500 MB graphics card.