Chivalry Test

Walk into the stadium and you’ll be called to the front for your audition. The knight giving the test will ask you why you were late for the tournament. You can tell him:

1) I didn’t hear about the date change (Wisdom Path)

2) I don’t know what extenuating means (Bravery Path)

3) My mum wouldn’t let me leave before I finished breakfast (Compassion Path)

You need to find out as much as you can about the other contestants before taking the Chivalry Test.

Talk to the big knight on the left and find out his name (Acorn). He also seems to be hiding something. Talk to the knight in the middle who won’t tell you his name. There’s no way we can find out his name yet. Talk to the scary knight on the right who only says “Achaka”.

Lastly talk to Manny and ask him about the two knights whose name you know (Acorn & Achaka). He’ll tell you a secret about Acorn.

King's Quest WhisperKing's Quest Audition

Return to Acorn and tell him you know the secret. Make sure you ask him what the squirrel’s name is. During the conversation he’ll tell you the middle knights name, Whisper.

Return to Whisper and tell him you know his name. Talk to Manny again and ask him about Whisper.

You’re now ready to take the Chivalry Test. Talk to the head knight and tell him you’re ready for the test. Here are the answers to the four questions.

1) The knight who speaks multiple languages: Manny

2) The knight favored to win the competition: Achaka

3) Full name of the fastest contestant: Sir Walter Harris Ignatius Sally Percival Eduardo Ramon, Jr. the Third of Modesto

4) Favorite companion of strongest competitor: Princess Madeline of Avalon

¬†After completing the audition you’ll be given the first real test which will be your entrance ticket into the tournament, the eye of a beast.

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