Getting Prepared

As if it isn’t hard enough staying out of trouble, for the next quest we need to actually go out looking for a ferocious beast! Luckily Daventry has no shortage of beasts and if we’re smart we may not need to face one at all.

We’ll need to gather some items first before we begin looking for the eye. Navigating around the town may be a little bit disorientating at first but once you have been to each of the locations a few times you’ll remember how to get there.

After crossing the makeshift bridge you’ll have a talk with Amaya Blackstone. Head down the path and you’ll spot a shaking green bush. We’ll come back here in a minute. Continue on until you come to a fork in the road. Continue straight ahead and then take the next left just before the bridge. Don’t approach the bridge just yet!

There is a small bell on the ground that you can pick up. You can also pay your respects to King Edward. Continue to the top right and you’ll see a large stone. It’s too big to push for now. There’s also some sort of trap that’s been set up with steak hanging in the center.

King's Quest King Edward StatueKing's Quest Sugarshrooms

Enter the trap to set it off. Stand by the tree and pull in the rope to grab the raw meat. Drop down into the hole and grab the Sugarshrooms. Climb back out of the hole and continue to the right.

When you see the first sign head north. You’ll spot Acorn waiting to catch some wedzels. There’s a cave to the left and unicorn to the right but there’s nothing else we can do here just yet.

Head back down to the sign and go right. You’ll come across another sign telling you to not turn right. Continue to the right. Someone is preparing for an intimate dinner. Look at the table and read the letter.

King's Quest StarberriesPush the tree and the Starberries will fall down, as well as the bee hive! We’ll clean that up later. For now just grab the Starberries and head back down. Go back to the “Don’t Turn Right” sign. Walk north if you want to see the ‘floating island’ otherwise walk back the way you came.

Continue heading all the way back almost to the place where you had a chat with Amaya. See that shaking green bush? Place the raw meat down in front of it.

A badger will jump out to grab the meat allowing you to take it. We won’t keep the badger long. Walk north one screen and then to the left. There’s a field of pumpkins here but only one that’s still fresh. Trying to take the pumpkin will release a group of angry squirrels. Place the badger down next to the pumpkin and he’ll scare away the squirrels. Take the pumpkin.

Continue to the left and grab the fruit picker. If a knight is using it you may have to come back a little bit later to grab it.

Run back to the dinner setting with the beehive. You do remember the way don’t you? From the pumpkin patch go right, north down the path, then take the first left. Walk past the King Edward statue to the top right of the screen. Right past the trap, right past the first sign and right past the second sign.

Use the fruit picker on the beehive to clean up your mess. Now it’s time to have a chat with some of the townsfolk. The town is located just north of the pumpkin patch.

King's Quest TownKing's Quest 2015 Town

There are three shops here, a blacksmith, baker, and an elderly couple selling potions. I won’t tell you which is which because it’s pretty obvious just looking at the front of the shops. Talk to all three of them and look at all the items in their shops but don’t use your gold coin just yet.

At the bakers give him Sugarshrooms and Starberries. Give the potion makers the pumpkin. You can also dip the pumpkin in the dye as well as almost all of your items except the bell.

Now that the townsfolk have what they need it’s time to decide what path you want to take. In the next part, Finding the Ferocious Eye, we’ll explore all three options, Courage, Bravery and Wisdom.