Goblin Attack

Now that you’ve found the ferocious eye it’s time to participate in the tournament. You can either take the Test of Speed or the Test of Strength. You can’t immediately jump into either of these tests as you’ll need a few items before we begin.

From the tournament board head north east and go to the area with the cave. If you look through the bushes where Acorn was hunting you’ll see Triumph caught in his trap. You’ll need to free him before you can begin the Test of Speed.

Head further to the east and use the rope. Luckily Achaka gave us that quick archery lesson before he died. Climb across the gap and continue down the path.

King's Quest ArcheryKing's Quest Goblins Attack

Someone, or something, will start throwing pebbles at you. Continue walking as the goblins sneak up behind you. Complete the action sequence. Focus on those goblins who are starting to lift their spears to make it through this part.

The merchant will be delighted that you’ve rescued him. You can respond in three ways corresponding to the three paths. He’ll give you a snoozing leaf and your gold coin back.

Go back into town and talk to the potion makers. Give them the snoozing leaf and in return they’ll give you a vial of hypnotic powder. Give them your gold coin and buy the blue flame lantern.

Return to the cave area and this time enter the cave. Before you go too deep use the blue flame lantern to light your way. Walk out the other side and continue along the path until you see another gold coin on top of a strange-looking hole.

King's Quest Gold Coin In HoleKing's Quest Gigantic Pie

Head back to the town once more and this time go to the Baker’s shop. Buy the gigantic pie and give it to the bridge troll. He’ll let you cross and also give you Olfie’s horn mouthpiece.

Walk straight ahead into the dark forest, remembering to take out your blue flame lantern before you’re in too deep. On a rock in the middle of the forest you’ll find a work order. This is what you need to continue with the Test of Speed.