Ah, welcome back once more to the beautiful world of King’s Quest!

Head towards the well directly in front of you and look down it if you like. Click the action button on the crank to lower the bucket. Get into the well and climb all the way to the bottom.

Once at the bottom of the well pull aside the mattress to reveal a hidden door.

King's Quest Climbing Down WellKings Quest First Puzzle

Walk along the path and take in the gorgeous scenery until you come to two switches. Which one should you press? Avoid the one with the skeleton next to it and hit the switch to the right. A door will open for you to walk through.

Continue through the cavern until you come to a bed. If you’re going for the achievements jump into the bed three times until you get the “Napping on the Job” achievement.

King's Quest Dragon and Magic MirrorContinue along the path and over a bridge made of beds. You’ll spot the magic mirror on the ground far below with a huge dragon curled around it. Once you’re across the bridge climb up the rope and continue along the only path you can take.

Ignore the ledge with the missing crank for the moment and continue on to a room with bookshelves and the missing handle.

Grab the handle and the bell will ring. Oh-oh! It’s time to hide.  Jump into bed quickly before you’re spotted.

Once the coast is clear head back to the ledge with the broken crank and use the handle. Run over the bridge, around the ledge and down the ladder. There’s a dragon at the end of this passageway whose snoring is creating havoc. Avoid the spiky boat by taking cover in the right and left alcoves.

King's Quest Dragon's Well Broken CrankKing's Quest Dragon's Well Spiky Boat

Once past the spiky boat you’ll step on some crunchy bones waking up the dragon. Jump into the nearest bed to hide.

There are more piles of bones up ahead. Tip toe around them. Once past the bones a bed will fall down from the roof waking up the dragon once more. Jump into the bed to hide.

If you’re going for the achievements walk right up to the dragons mouth. You’ll be eaten and rewarded with the “Into the Mouth of Danger” achievement.

Climb up the ladder to the left. There is a bridge missing with the switch on the other side. How to reach it?

King's Quest Dragon's Well - Hitting The SwitchContinue walking until you find a skeleton holding onto a bow. Grab the bow and use it to hit the switch on the other side of the crevasse.

Run across the bridge to the dragon feeding station. To distract the dragon and get down to the magic mirror you need to do these things in the following order:

1) Hit the switch to grab a steak and bring it close to the dragon.

2) Hit the switch again to take the steak further away.

3) Ring the bell to wake up the dragon and let him know it’s dinner time.

4) Hit the switch again to pick up another steak. This time jump on the steak before it get’s picked up.

5) You’ll now be on the ground next to the mirror. Time to make a run for it!

Make your way down the underground river shooting at the ropes holding the beds and pressing the direction buttons as indicated.

Once you’ve finished the mattress ride the dragon will appear behind you. Run once more and avoid the crashing beds as you go.

King's Quest - Running From DragonKing's Quest- Dragon Well Escape

Once free from the dragon walk along the path you used when you came in and exit the secret door into the well. You’ll accidentally ring the bell. This is the dragon’s dinner signal! He’ll come crashing through the wall and you have three options to choose from:

1) Hit him in the eye (path of Bravery)

2) Hit the switch (Path of Compassion)

3) Hit the bell (Path of Wisdom)

It doesn’t matter too much which action you choose at the moment. These actions will build up over time and influence the way the townsfolk view you and also change various cut-scenes.

Climb up the ladder to your freedom and enjoy the cut-scene. Continue on to Entering the Tournament.