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The Visitor Center

You’ll be through the fence with Grant and the two kids. Walk along the path to the hut and have Lex throw a baseball at the target above the hatch. A crank will fall down. Pick it up and place it on the device by the garage door. Turn it around to open the door.

Use Timmy to go inside as he has night vision goggles. In the hut you’ll find a key. Grab it and use it to open the gate. You’ll be taken to the next area.

Kitchen Escape

Have Lex throw a baseball at the fan by the first Raptor to distract it. Walk to the left and down the screen, then to the right.

Switch to Timmy and crawl through the hatch. The second Raptor will be drawn to the noise. Turn on the hot plates to boil the water, then switch to Lex and have her hit the target on the bottom of the led. It will fall over and distract the second Raptor.

Timmy can walk to the right and down to the next row. Walk across to the left and push the trolley forwards so Lex can get past.

On the left wall is a spot where Lex can lift Timmy up to the top of the shelves. Timmy can then crawl through the vent. He’ll end up on the other side of the room.

Timmy can drop down and push the trolley forwards to block the second Raptor. Lex can now make her way past as well.

Hit the target with a baseball and use the pieces to make the door handle on the fridge. Jump onto it to pull it down an open it. Timmy can walk inside with his goggles. Break the items and put them together to make an ice-cream maker. Once of the Raptors will get distracted and Lex will lock it into the fridge.

Make your way back to the left, sneaking slowly to avoid the first Raptor. When the Raptor sticks it’s head through the second time assemble the pieces and wind it up to smack the Raptor in the nose. You’ll run past to the next room.


1 (Free Play): Once you reach the end of this area go right instead of left. Have a character who can use panels to put in the code and open the door. You’ll find a kit.

2 (Free Play): Inside the door of number one is a model of Jurassic Park. Break it and assemble the pieces into a kit.

3 (Free Play): Continue right and activate the toy crane for the third kit.

Control Room

Drs. Grant and Sattler will be holding the door shut as Lex and Timmy get to explore. Break the shelving to the right of the door and use the pieces to fix the tiled floor. Push the large plug into the slot to power the first computer.

Lex is a genius and she knows how to hack computers. Access the computer and follow the path between locations. You’ll need to do this a few times to hack into the computer. Once she’s done power will flow to the room underneath and the hatch in the corner will break open.

Send Timmy through the hatch to the room below. Walk to the right and go down the dark corridor. Break the shelves and pick up the Fuse. Place the Fuse in the power bank and the second computer will power up.

Switch to Lex and hack into the second computer. Press the buttons in the correct order as they light up and you’ll find the file.

The phone by the door will start ringing so go back and see Grant by the door. Just then a Raptor will start smashing the glass to the right. Use Dr. Grant to put the bones together to make a ladder and climb up. After the cutscene you’ll be in the main hall.

Amber – T-Rex

There’s a soda machine next to the hatch in the corner of the room. Use Lex to smash the glass with her scream and you’ll find the Amber Fossil Brick.


4: Throw the baseball at 6 of the computer monitors on the walls in the control room. The first two are on the wall above the tiled floor. The other 4 are on the left wall.

5 (Free Play): On the lower floor is a gate that can only be opened by someone with cutters. Inside you’ll find the kit.

6 (Free Play): Further to the right is a computer terminal. Access it and control the forklift to smash the four silver boxes.

7 (Free Play): Go upstairs from the lower floor and you’ll see a blue target. Barry and other characters like him can hit it. It will turn around and reveal the kit.

Main Hall

You’ll start up on the scaffolding. Drop down to the lower platform and have Grant cut the rope. The scaffold will tip over and you’ll all jump to the walkway.

When you get close to the gate on the left the Raptor will try to attack. Water the plant next to it and the Raptor will get trapped in the bars. Send Timmy through the hatch and he’ll pop out behind the Raptor.

Have Timmy smash up the planks of wood on the floor and assemble them to make a bridge so the others can get across. Have Lex jump up to the planks on top of the T-Rex. Another Raptor will attack and everyone will end up on the ground floor. Luckily a T-Rex intervenes and fights off the Raptor.

Switch to the T-Rex and follow the prompts to fight the Raptor. When the Raptor is stunned switch to Dr. Grant and cut the rope. A container will fall on the dinosaur and do a bit of damage.

Switch back to the T-Rex and continue the fight. This time once the Raptor is stunned switch to Lex and throw a baseball at the target above the Raptor. A can will fall on its head.

Switch back to the T-Rex and have one last fight. This time you’ll swing the Raptor back and forth until you’ve gathered up speed, eventually throwing it into the dinosaur bones. All the characters will escape out the front door.


8 (Free Play): After you go through the hatch with a small character and bring everyone else across jump over the pink/blue cutout with an agile character. Then use Cutters to break open the gate for the kit.

9: Go through another pink/blue cutout and break the case for the kit.

10: Grow the two flower boxes. One is after coming out of the hatch by the Raptor’s tail. The other is in the same area as kit 9, through the pink/blue cutout.

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