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Isla Sorna

After completing Jurassic Park you’ll back in the hub area. Jump into the helicopter to begin The Lost World. After the cutscene you’ll be in Eddie’s Workshop getting ready for the journey.

Eddie’s Workshop

Inside the workshop you’ll find 3 cars that need to be repaired. One needs a new paintjob, one needs new wheels and the other needs to have the engine repaired.

The first car you’ll spot is the white jeep in the background. Use Ian Malcolm to follow the board on the left. Assemble the parts and the paint machine will start working. Turn the red wheels to turn the colors around. You’ll need to mix both sides to come up with the green color. You’ll want to mix blue and yellow to make green. Jump on the device to send paint through to the sprayer.

For the second car use Eddie to shoot the two targets at the back of the workshop and the tires will fall down. Ride the tires back to the slots in front of the second car and the workers will attach them.

Eddie also has a wrench so have him use it on the third car a few times to get it working. With the 3 cars ready the garage door will open and Nick van Owen will drive in with a van.

Use Nick to pry open the gate to the right and enter the fenced area. Nick can also open the next gate using his cutters. Go inside with Eddie and repair the computer console.

Three boxes of cargo will come out of the hatch. Shoot them down with Eddie and then assemble the pieces to make a lever. Push the lever around to move the engine along the conveyor and power the lift.

Ride the lift up to the higher level. Use Nick so he can pry open the next gate leading to the stairs. Down here you’ll need to attach the roof to the mobile lab.

Smash the boxes by the roof and assemble them to make stairs up to the computer console. Nick can fix the console and then use it to operate the crane. Bring the crane over the roof and attach it to the mobile lab.


1 (Free Play): Assemble 3 chicken fossils from the bones in trash cans. There’s one next to the cabine where Malcom solves the equation, one past the first gate and the third at the very back of the mobile lab.

2: Once you free the tyres roll one to the left to another tyre slot. Turn the crank to open a hatch and lift up the kit.

3 (Free Play): After going up the elevator shoot the blue target with a Raptor Handler to shut off the steam. Use an agile character to jump over and slide under the pink/blue barriers. Make your way past 2 steam vents and grab the kit.

4: After going up the lift use Nick to cut open the cabinet.

5 (Free Play): After coming down the stairs go behind them and shoot the blue target. LEGO characters dressed as dinosaurs will teleport in. Defeat them for the kit.

Finding Sarah

When you start there’ll be little Compy dinosaurs waiting to attack on the other side of the river. Use Nick van Owen to break open the rock in the cliff and then use Ian Malcolm to go inside the cave and use the mushroom to bounce up.

Break the plants by the tree and then put the pieces together to weigh down the branch. The vine will hang lower and the other characters can climb up.

Have two characters hang on the vines dangling from the tree hanging out over the cliff. The third character can climb up the branch to higher ground and unroll the ladder so the others can climb up.

Switch to Eddie Carr and shoot the two targets. Put the pieces togther to make a platform. Jump on the platform a few times to break the roots in front of the cave. Inside the cave you’ll find a trackable item. Follow it to more pieces. Put them together to make a trampoline. Jump up to the fallen tree above with two characters and you’ll pull it down. Use it to jump up to the next area where you’ll see the Stegosaurus family.

Have Nick Van Owen break the rock with the crowbar, then jump onto the fallen tree. Stand on the camera spot and take 3 photos of the dinosaurs.


6: Shoot down 3 of the bird nests.

7 (Free Play): Search through 3 dino dropping piles

8 (Free Play): Use a triceratops to break through the cracked Lego rock.

9 (Free Play): To the left of where you take the 3 photos is a dig pile. Dig it up and track the item to a bunch of parts. Put them together for a kit.

Stegosaurus Herd

Sarah gets too close to the herd and riles up a Stegasaurus. During the battle you’ll need to assemble the hollow trees and hide inside to trap the Stegasaurs as it tries to whack you with its tail. Then walk up to its head and take a photo. Do this three times and the Stegasurus herd will move away.

Amber – Stegosaurus

Try to tease the Stegosaurus into swinging it’s tail and smashing the 2 cracked boulders.


10 (Free Play): Break the bones at the front left of the screen during the Stegosaurus battle. Asseble the bones into a shooting gallery and shoot the 4 ducks for the kit.

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