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Restoring Power

You’ll be at the base of the tree near the drain pipe with Grant and his two kids Lex and Timmy. Have Timmy crawl through the small hatch by the canal. On the other side he can turn the wheel to lift up the bridge.

Send Grant across the bridge and excavate the dig spot. Put the pieces together to make holds on the wall. Climb up the holds and jump across to the left. Drop down on the other side.

Follow the translucent light blue studs along the path by the wall. When you come to the small river cross the vine bridge. Jump across the flowers in next river crossing and continue along the path.

For the final river crossing you’ll need Lex to hit the target with the Baseball. A vine will fall down and you can swing across.

Head along the path to the dig spot and uncover the bones. Put them together to make a ladder. Jump through the break in the fence and use Grant to clear the reeds. On the other side you’ll be taken to the next area.

Gallimimus Chase

Run away from the herd of Gallimimus dinosaurs while collecting as many studs as possible. Above the third sign you’ll find a Minikit and if you hit 5 signs you’ll be rewarded with another one. After the cutscene you’ll be taken to the next area.


1: Jump over the 3rd sign for this minikit.

2: Smash into 5 signs to be rewarded with another kit.

Maintenence Shed

Ellie and Robert Muldoon make their way to the maintenance shed. Head down the steps and go left at the intersection. Enter through the room behind the fence and have Muldoon pick up the glasses. Track it around the corner to find the Key.

Open the padlock and go through the gate. Shoot the target and a portion of the piping will fall down.

Put the pieces together and use the piping as a bridge to make it to the other side. There are 3 pipes where steam is venting. You’ll need to time your run to make it past the first one.

For the second steam vent have Ellie jump up and grab the bar to the left of it. This will break a pipe and stop the steam from the second and third vent. Change character and walk Muldoon through to the other side. He can turn the wheel to turn off all of the vents.

Continue down the stairs and shoot the target above the next vent to turn it off. Head forwards and have Ellie jump over the fence. First grab the bar on the left and hang onto it to open the main switch. Put the pieces together and then pull the switch to charge the power station.

Amber – Velociraptor

After the first set of stairs head to the right and dig through the dino droppings to find it.


3: Shoot the 4 red lights. The first is at the top of the stairs at the start. The second is in the hallway with the dino droppings. The third is near the locked gate and the last is above the dino droppings before the last vent with the target.

4 (Free Play): Look for the locked door marked A21. Use a character with a crowbar to open it for the kit.

5 (Free Play): Before you walk over the pipe use Jophry to charge up the socket. Assemble the pieces for the kit.

6 (Free Play): After crossing the bridge destroy the box and send a small character through the hatch.

7 (Free Play): Dig through the droppings after the 3 vents but before the last vent with the target. Assemble the parts to build a hatch. Send a small character through. Use a Compy to walk through the green pipes and hit the red switches. This opens a hatch with the kit.

8 (Free Play): After kit 7 when you come out of the third pipe destroy the items on the platform and assemble them into a kit.

The Raptor Pack

Jump over the fallen tree and destroy the plants to reveal a flower. Have Muldoon track the flower to a plant. Sattler can water it and then jump across the poles it creates to the higher area. Up the top she can destroy the bushes to reveal a plant, water it and Muldoon will now be able to jump up the flowers.

Shoot the target to break the vine, then swing across to the next higher area. As you walk forwards a Raptor will jump out. Follow the prompts to fight it off.

Continue up to the pile of droppings and have Sattler search through to find some pieces. Put the pieces together to complete the bridge. Walk across to the other side. Another Raptor will jump out. Fight it off and continue forwards.

Break through the bushes and assemble the pieces to make a lever. Jump on the lever to break the rocks blocking the path.

Slide down the ramp and have Muldoon pick up the Raptor Claw. Track it to a Raptor that jumps out of the bushes. Follow the prompts to fight it off. You’ll see it run back and hide in one of the bushes. Follow its movement and shoot the bush where you last see movement. Do this three times to kill the Raptor and end the level.


9: Shoot down the four bird nests. There’s a target under each of them so they’re easy to spot.

10 (Free Play): There’s a dust cloud below the tree bridge. Use a Raptor to track it back to the previous cliff to find a dig spot. Dig it up for the final kit.

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