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Breeding Facility

Follow the translucent studs along to a closed gate. Break the vines with the claw and then let Amanda slide underneath. Use the winch to break open the gate.

Break the boulders to the left and have Billy climb up the cliff. Smash the blue object up the top and assemble them into a hook that Paul can latch onto to make a rope climb.

Break through the long reeds and approach the next gate. Once again have Paul latch onto the hook and pull off the sign. Udesky can grab a piece and track it to uncover the Key. Use the Key to open the gate and go through.

InGen Facility

Break the vines covering the vending machine and then have Amanda scream and break the glass. Grab the cpiee with Udesky and track it around the room to a few more pieces. Put them together and turn the crank to open the door.

Take out the Compy dinosaurs and make your way through the corridor to the large room. Switch to Paul and have him fix the blue claw at the back of the room. It will lift up the partially collapsed bridge so Billy can sail across the gap to the other side.

Push the crate to the edge and Paul can use the grapple to pull it down. Put the pieces together to form another mechanical claw. After it closes the egg container jump on it to reach the walkway above.

Drop down the other side. You’ll need to empty the two glass containers to fill up the central container. Turn the wheel on the glass container on the right.

Then explore the room and cut the vines over the pipes. Repair the pipes and the wheel will pop off. Grab the wheel and place it on the left container. Turn the wheel to transfer the water to the center and it will explode. Use the pieces to assemble a bone ladder and climb up.

Walk to the right and down the stairs into the next room. Take photos of the dinosaurs in the containers and eventually you’ll get a cutscene and the chase will begin.

Amber – Troodon

In the first room jump on the desk with the monitor and jump on the monitor. Jump up to the ceiling above and carefully make your way along the beams to the other side. Climb up the ladder and follow the path up to the gazebo where you’ll find the Amber Fossil.


1 (Free Play): Use a dinosaur to destroy the jeep. Assemble the pieces for the Minikit.

2: shoot down the four targets in the first room.

3 (Free Play): Use a Raptor to grab the rail and follow the walkway above.

4 (Free Play): Hit the blue target under the stairs. Search the dark area for the Minikit.

5 (Free Play): After climbing up the bone ladder use someone who can solve complex equations so solve the equation on the back wall.

6 (Free Play): From the previous Minikit follow the path to a control panel. Enter the code and then step on the buttons in front of the container filled with water. Do this four times and assemble the Minikit.

7 (Free Play): Head up the stairs into the room above where you take photos of the dinosaurs in the containers. Hack the computer and open the safe.

8: Photograph all the dinosaurs in the tanks. Leave the Raptor head second from the right until last. As soon as you photograph this the story will continue.

Corridor Chase

A fairly easy chase scene. Try to stay away from the Raptors and pick up as much loot as you can.


9: Stick to the right side of the screen for the ninth Minikit.

10: When you start running from left to right stay to the top of the screen to pick up the last Minikit.

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