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Jurassic Park is the first of the four Jurassic World movies. You’ll play through the Prologue first and then you’ll be taken to the game hub where you can select either Jurassic Park or Jurassic World. Later the Lost World and Jurassic Park 3 will also be available.


The game takes you straight into the raptor transfer and then the dig site where Dr. Alan Grant and Dr. Ellie Sattler are asked to inspect the new park. There are 10 Minikits in both these areas and one Amber to find. Four of the Minikits and the Amber can only be found in Free Play mode.

Raptor Transfer

You play as Robert Muldoon and Jophrey Brown. Muldoon is a tracker and has a gun while Brown has a stun wand. To begin break the cannister with the electricity symbol on it. Use the bricks to build the generator. Switch to Jophrey Brown and use the Stun Wand to power the ladder and bring it down.

Climb up the ladder to the next section. Use Muldoon to shoot both the lights behind the cage. Use the pieces to complete the tiling on the floor behind the cage. Have Jophrey use the Stun Wand on the two power generators on the right side, then push the cage towards the enclosure. Once the cage is in place walk up the stairs and enter the correct code in the security panel. Use the Stun Wand on the generator on top of the cage to complete this area.


#1: Use the Stun Wand to power the 3 generators. There’s two to the left of the raptor cage and one to the right.

#2: Have Muldoon shoot the four red blinking lights around the raptor enclosure. Two to the left and two on the right side.

#3: Shoot the large spotlight on the right side twice for a minikit.

#4 (Free Play Mode): Investigate the dino droppings inside the pen with the cow for a minikit.

Dig Site

You play as Dr. Alan Grant and Dr. Ellie Sattler. Grant can dig up the dirt and assemble bones while Sattler can jump high. You’ll need to assemble 3 dinosaur skeletons in this area. Find the brown studs on the ground and tell Grant to dig. Assemble the bones and have Sattler jump onto them and onto the ledge to the right. She can break the box and build a ladder so Grant can climb up.

Drop down to the left, break all the items and assemble them into a Jackhammer. The character digging in the wall will use the Jackhammer to free the bones. Have Grant assemble them into a dino skeleton. Sattler can jump onto it and into the alcove in the cliff for a Minikit.

Head back to the left and break the items so you can build a Sweeper. Ride the Sweeper around until you uncover a spot where you can dig. Grant can dig up the bones and assemble them into the third dinosaur. Grant will find a Raptor Claw. He can use this to break vines and ropes.

Have Settler jump onto the dinosaur and then across to the higher ledge. Break the brown box and assemble the ladder so Grant can climb up. Explore the area here for some collectibles before dropping down.

Head back to the right and have Grant break the rope by the cliff with the Raptor Claw. Use the containers to jump up to the area above and head along the path to the right.

You’ll see the kids trying to fix the Ground Penetrating Radar. It needs a wheel and handlebar. Destroy the yellow wheelbarrow to find the wheel and look behind the reeds for the handlebar. Grant can destroy thick foliage. Ride the Radar machine and smash the three breakable spots on the ground. The kids will find a dinosaur and John Hammond will arrive in his helicopter.

Have Sattler jump up to grab the back of the Ute. Use Grant to assemble the pieces to make a trampoline. Jump up to the higher area. Have a look around and then enter the caravan to end the level.

Amber – Gallimimus (Free Play)

Near to the monitor with the penetrating radar is a dark cave. Use a character who can light up the dark to go inside and find the Amber.


#5: Use Sattler to jump from the second dinosaur skeleton into the alcove on the cliff wall.

#6: Build the 4 sand castles at the dig site. All of them can be found by breaking a set of tan bricks and assembling the sand castle. The first sand castle can be found in front of the raptor bones lodged in the cliffside, the second is found to the top left, above the area with the sweeper, the third is across from the radar site and the fourth sand castle can be found in front of the trailer.

#7: In the area with John Hammond’s helicopter. Cut down the reeds at the back and you’ll find the minikit hidden behind them.

#8 (Free Play): In the last area use a small character to enter the tent. Switch to a character that can use access panels and get the minikit from the panel to the right.

#9 (Free Play): Break the crates behind the turkey being cooked on the fire. Use a tracker to track the meat to find more pieces. Assemble the pieces to make a bellows. Use it to fan the flames and cook the turkey for a minikit.

#10 (Free Play): To the right of the trailer is a box. Use a character with a Crowbar to pry open the box and inside you’ll find the minikit.


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