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There are 20 beautiful photo locations scattered throughout the game. Some of them you’ll be able to find easily while others will need a bit of work to find. It’s easiest to find them in Free Play mode once you’ve completed the main story.

Jurassic Park

1: Islan Nublar Helipad

Use a dino to break the rock by the helipad to uncover the tripod.

2: Brachiosaurus Plains

Destroy some of the plants by the road to find a dig spot. Track the apple that you find to some bricks and assemble them into a tripod.

3: Visitors Center

You’ll see a small island in front of the center. Use a grapple to pull down the tree and jump across it to the island. Destroy the crates on the small dock and track the item you find to the bricks that can be assembled into a tripod.

4: Jurassic Park Gate

After leaving the Visitor Center walk towards the gate and cut the vines to your left. You’ll find bricks that you can assemble into a tripod.

5: Tyrannosaurus Enclosure

Near to the toilet you’ll find a dig spot. Dig up the bricks and put them together into a tripod.

6: East Dock Route

At the base of the waterfall you’ll find the tripod out in the open.

7: Gallimimus Territory

Half way between the Visitor Center and the Gallimimus Territory is a rock that you can break with a Dilophosaurus. Assemble the pieces into a tripod.

Jurassic Park: The Lost World

8: Mobile Lab Site

Had along the trail to the Hunting Plains and break the rock. Assemble the pieces into a tripod.

Jurassic Park 3

9: Isla sorna Aviary

The tripod is found by a window at the end of the building.

Jurassic World

10: Main Street

The tripod is found on the corner of Main Street and Waterfront Walk.

11: East Boardwalk

Head to the petting zoo and you’ll find the tripod by the goal post.

12: West Boardwalk

From the T-Rex viewing platform use the access panel to activate the lift and go down to the paddock where you’ll find the tripod.

13: Mosasaurus Area

Climb the ladder to the left of the entrance to the viewing area. Shoot the blue target to move the shark. Go down to the tripod and take a photo.

14: Gyrosphere Valley

Before you enter this area you’ll find the tripod by the Gyrosphere Valley sign.

15: Gyrosphere Valley

Once you enter the valley use the T-Rex scent to scare away the Compys so you can use the tripod.

16: Shady Grove

There’s an easy to spot tripod outside the entrance to the old Visitor Center.

17: Safari Plains

Once you reach the edge of the plains look for the Raptor scent. Follow it to the pieces for a tripod.

18: Isla Nublar Aviary

The tripod can be found on the viewing platform next to the dinosaur spawner.

19: Indominus Territory

When you find the banana track it to some pieces that can be assembled into a tripod.

20: Indominus Territory

There is a tripod out in the open paddock but you’ll need to scare away the Compys to get to it.

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