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Eric Kirby

You’ll begin out in a field. Walk forwards and dig the spot by the car spawner. Assemble the pieces to make a blue/pink bar that Amanda can jump over. Kill the little dinosaurs and break the rocks. Put the pieces to block off the Compy nest.

Break the other object and assemble it into a device that can be used to lift up the dino skeleton so the other characters can get through. Use Dr. Grant to break the reeds and walk through for the cutscene.

Eric’s Hideout

Walk along the path and have Kirby use the camouflage to sneak past the Velociraptor. On the other side break the orange and black boxes and assemble them into a sausage car. It will distract the Raptor.

Dr. Gran can then break the vines on the front of the car and use the winch to pull off the part on the cliff. Eric can crawl through the hatch.

Up the top break the nests and put them together to make a ladder so Dr. Grant can climb up. Have him slash the reeds and swing across the vine.

Walk down the path and Eric will need to sneak past the next Raptor. Have him power up the generator and the Raptor will get shocked and run off. Have Eric crawl through the duct at the back of the path.

Dive into the droppings to the right of the sick Ankylosaurus to find out what it needs. This one needs a Banana, Carrot and Chocolate Bar. The Banana should be right there so feed it to the dyno first.

Head towards the gate and turn the crank to let Dr. Grant through. There’s a dig spot towards the front of the yard. Dig up the Carrot and give it to the dyno. Next head to the vending machine at the back. Break the vines and take out the Chocolate Bar. Give this to the dyno and it’ll start to feel better.

Switch to the Ankylosaurus and take out the Raptors. It has both a tail swing and charge attack. Break the cracked rock in the back corner for a Minikit.

After killing the last Raptor the Ankylosaurus will smash it through the wall to the right. Follow along after it and jump across the poles to the island in the lake.

Break the 3 crates to the right and assemble the pieces to make a bridge. Walk over it and break the vines on the other side to enter Eric’s hideout. You’ll get a small cutscene.


1 (Free Play): After sneaking past the first Raptor pull down the hook with a grapple and build the pieces for a kit.

2 (Free Play): Before sneaking past the second Raptor change to a Dilophosaurus and smash the crate on the bed of the jeep. Assemble the pieces into a kit.

3 (Free Play): When you’re in the yard with the sick Ankylosaurus shoot the blue target, then the normal target that appears and assemble the pieces into a kit.

4: Once the Ankylosuarus is feeling better smash the wall in the far left corner. Go inside for a minikit.

5 (Free Play): After fighting of the Raptors you’ll go right to an island in a lake. Water the plant by the lake and jump up the lillies to the minikit.

6: Dig the dig spot and assemble the pieces into a scarecrow. It will point to the next dig spot. Continue a few times until you finally reveal the minikit.

The Coast

Jump over the plants in the lake and use Eric to throw T-Rex scent at the Compys and they’ll run away. Put the dinosaur bones together to make a trampoline and bounce up.

Break the vines on the tree to the left and the log will fall down, smashing into the cliff. You don’t have any characters that can climb so instead assemble the pieces into a bridge and walk across.

Take out the Compys and then slash through the reeds. On the other side scare away the Compys and have Grant dig at the dig spot. Assemble the pieces to make a ladder up to the next ledge.

Scare the Compys away again and have Dr. Grant give Eric a boost up to the next ledge. Eric can dig through the droppings to find some pieces to make a ladder so Grant can climb up.

Walk towards the edge of the canyon and scare away the group of Compys. Let Dr. Grant dig up the dig spot and assemble the binoculars. Look through them to end the level.

Amber – Pteranodon

Once you reach the top ledge of this area walk to the left with a character who can parasail. Sail across the gap to the left. The last Minikit is to the south following a Raptor scent but to get the Amber you’ll need an agile character to jump the fence. Switch to a character with a grapple and pull open the container. The Amber Fossil will be inside.


7 (Free Play): After the cutscene of Eric’s hideout you’ll be out by the river. Hit the target on the container on the other side for the minikit.

8 (Free Play): After you build a trampoline to reach the higher ledge have a character climb the cliff. Up the top use a dinosaur to break open the wall to reveal a cave. Light the dark area to find the minikit.

9: Before you’ve reached the highest section look for a small hatch in the cliff wall. Send a small character through, sneak past the Raptor and grab the miniki.

10 (Free Play): Just before the Amber Fossil. After paragliding to the left from the highest ledge use a Raptor and follow the scent to the minikit.

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