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Run in the opposite direction of the trapped Spinosaurus and kill the little Compys that attack. Break the rocks and assemble them to form a block in front of where the Compys are coming from.

Use Paul to grapple the tree on the other side of the thin river and pull it down to form a bridge. Walk across, break the rocks and use the pieces to block off the second Compy nest. Have Grant break through the plants and continue forwards to trigger the cutscene.

Spinosaurus vs T-Rex

The first thing to do is help Dr. Grant. Pull him out from between the two fallen trees. Walk to the right and excavate the dig spot. Dr. Grant will find some yellow pieces. put them together to make a duck. Use Paul to grapple onto it and pull it back and fling it towards the Spinosaurus.

Switch to the T-Rex and fight the Spinosaurus by following the buttons. After the small battle you’ll be back with the characters. Put the bricks together to make a ramp up the small bridge. Walk up to the next area.

Switch to Udesky and shoot the target. Put the pieces together to make a nest and track the crank to a few extra pieces. Put them together to make a catapult. Turn the crank to open the back and have Dr. Grant cut the rope. The large egg will be flung towards the Spinosaurus.

Switch over to the T-Rex and continue the battle. Follow the buttons again to do a little bit of damage to the Spinosaurus.

Walk to the right, break the bones and have Dr. Grant excavate the dig spot to find more bones. Use Paul to pull out the spot on the fallen tree to reveal eve more bones. Put all the bones together to make a seesaw. Fling someone over to the other side of the T-Rex.

Smash all the objects and put the pieces together to make a lever. Turn it around to pull down the tree and it will get flung back into the Spinosaurus. Switch to the T-Rex and have one final battle with the Spinosaurus. Run under the fighting dinosaurs to trigger the next cutscene.


1: Near the start of this area walk to the column and put the pieces together to add a hook. Use the grapple to pull it down and reveal the kit.

2 (Free Play): After the second T-Rex battle use a Raptor to sniff out the scent. Dig up the kit from the ground.

3: After using the seesaw to jump over the T-Rex break the objects and assemble a minikit.

4 (Free Play): After the third battle with the T-Rex switch to a Pachycephalosaurus and break the cracked boulder.

The Crash Site

Switch to Udesky and shoot down the target in the tree. Put the pieces together and jump up to the bar in the tree. Climb the vine and jump over the poles to the wreckage. Break the piece next to the wreckage and use it to complete the tiles. Push off the wreckage, switch to someone down below and assemble the pieces.

Use the seesaw to throw Dr. Grant up to the ledge and use the claw to break the vine. The pieces strung up in the net will fall down. Drop down and have Udesky track the claw.

Assemble the bones when he finds them and bounce up to the ledge above. Have Billy climb up the tree and grab the parasail. Sail over to the next ledge to the right. push off the propeller and then assemble the pieces into a fan. Now everyone can float up to the higher ledge.

Paul can use the grapple to pull off the side of the cliff. Then Billy can climb up and sail across the next gap to the wreckage. Break all the pieces and assemble it into a lever. Push it around and the wreckage will fall over creating a bridge. There’s a good camera spot in the center of the bridge.

Have Dr. Grant clear the vines and run through the hollow tree. Take out the dinosaurs and then pull down the hook in the tree to reveal a trackable object. Udseky can track it to some more pieces. Put them together into a video camera and watch the cutscene.

Amber – Baryonyx

When you cross the bridge made of the plane wreckage you’ll see a pile of droppings. Investigate them and put the pieces together to make a bar that a Raptor can use to swing up for the Amber brick.


5 (Free Play): Find and shoot all 3 targets in the trees.

6: After pushing the plane part off use the grapple point of the underside of the kit in the tree to pull it down.

7: After cutting the luggage down drop down the same hole to find the Minikit.

8 (Free Play): After parasailing for the first time shoot the blue target.

9: Take a picture from the camera spot in the middle of the bridge.

10 (Free Play): After the Dilophosaurus attack you’ll spot a small hatch to the right. Use a small character to go through and find the Minikit.

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