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Park Shutdown

Jump in the car and make your way along the monorail until you reach the block in the road. You’ll have to find some other way around.

Hope out of the vehicle and go down the steps into the enclosure. Use Grant’s claw to break the rope and let the worker down from the tree. Then assemble the blocks by the blue pad to build the monitor to spawn in dinosaurs. You’ll be able to spawn in the Triceratops you unlocked during the last level.

Charge through the fallen tree in the center of the enclosure and smash into the acid-spitting dinosaurs on the other side. Once the enclosure is clear change back to Grant or Malcolm and head up the ladder on the other side.

Use Grant to dig the spot on the other side of the road block and assemble the blocks to make a jackhammer. The worker will break through the road block. Get back in your vehicle and continue down the road.

The weather will get noticeably worse. Wait for the gates to open and drive through to the next area.

T-Rex Enclosure

You can’t get close to the T-Rex so you’ll need to find some way to distract it. Run behind the T-Rex to the other side and slash through the reeds. You’ll find a Wheel.

Use the Wheel on the mechanism on the wall with the pipes to drain the water. Put the bricks together to make a box and turn the crank to make a distraction for T-Rex. When it turns around use Grant to dig the spot by the upturned car.

Assemble the bricks to make a contraption to lift up the car. Jump on it a few times and then help Lex Murphy escape. She has a special ability that lets her scream really loud and break glass.

Run up to the other car and use Lex to scream and break the windows. T-Rex will get distracted and break the front of the car. Malcolm will use a flare to distract the T-Rex and they’ll run off.

Put the front of the car together to make a winch. Pull the winch over to the upturned car and then kick the car to turn the winch on.

After the car gets pulled closer try to help Timmy escape. T-Rex will come back and Grant and the children will fall over the edge of the wall.


#1: Once you rescue Lex from the car throw baseballs at hte 4 Red Lights on the fence.

#2 (Free Play): Examine the pile of droppings to the far left.

#3 (Free Play): Pry open the door to the hut on the far right.

#4 (Free Play): Near the fence to the right. Water the plant and climb the tree.

#5 (Free Play): Build 3 Goat Fossils. The first is in a dig pile near the hut. The second is in the middle. Destroy the tree and rock and then track the item to a dig pile and assemble the second fossil. The third is in the back corner near the vines. Pull the hook in the tree and assemble the pieces.

Rescue Timmy

Timmy will be stuck at the top of the tree with Grant and Lex at the bottom. Run to the left and knock out the Dilophosaurus that appears from the tree. Then dig the dig spot to find the red wheel. Take it back to the wall and use it on the mechanism to open the large pipe. As water flows out dinosaur bones will appear as well. Use Grant to put them together into a Seesaw.

Use Lex on the right side so she can throw Grant over to the other side. Lex will then be shot up into the tree.

Jump across to the pole and swing across to the platform. Throw a Baseball at the target and put the pieces together to make a ladder so Grant can climb up. Have Grant cut the vines and then swing across the vines to the next ledge to the left.

Jump up the holds in the tree to the higher ledge and have Lex throw a Baseball at the next target. Walk across the bridge to the next platform.

Have Grant cut through the reeds and put together the bone trampoline. Jump up to the rope and swing across to the ledge. Jump up the branches to the next platform and bounce across the mushroom to the next highest ledge.

Bounce up the walls to the top and hit the target with a Baseball. A vine will hang down so Grant can climb up. Cut the vines holding the car in place and then scream to break the windows. Get up close to the car for a cutscene.


#6: Go around the left side of the base of the tree and use the Raptor Claw to cut the rope holding the pig.

#7 (Free Play): Use a Crowbar on the rock on the wall near the drain.

#8 (Free Play): Use a character that can light up the dark and enter the hole at the base of the tree where the Dilophosaurus came out.

#9 (Free Play): After hitting the target with the baseball and cutting down the vines you’ll spot a small hatch. Send a small character through the hatch to pick up the Minikit on the other side.

T-Rex Chase

Try to avoid the T-Rex as it charges towards you. It will let out a mighty roar when it’s about to charge. After two cutscenes you’ll make it to the end of the level.

Amber – Dilphosaurus

After getting the final Minikit switch back to the driver and drive as far to the left side as you can. Before you reach the cutscene you should run over the Amber Fossil Brick to unlock Dilphosaurus.


#10: Switch to Lex and throw 3 Flares into the mouth of T-Rex when it opens its mouth to roar.

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