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Welcome to Jurassic Park

From the hub jump in one of the vehicles behind the sign that says “Jurassic Park”. Drive along the path until you come to the closed gate. Break the palm on the right side and use Grant to dig up the area underneath. Put the pieces together to fix the control panel. Switch to John Hammond and enter the correct code to open the gate. Drive through and you’ll arrive at the first area.

Open Fields

After the cutscene you’ll be in control of all of the characters here. There’s not much to do but you an take a look at the magnificent sauropods. When you’re ready get back in the car and drive up to the next gate.

Get out of the vehicle and switch to Ellie Sattler. Jump up to the platform on the left side of the gate and break the containers. Put the pieces together to make the gear on the left side.

Switch to Dr. Grant and break the rope on the right side. Switch to Sattler and jump up to the top of the red containers. Break the boxes and put the pieces together to make the second gear. The gate will open. Hop back in the car and continue on your journey to the Visitor Center. Jump out of the car when you get to the front and enter the building.

Raptor Feeding Area

It’s time to feed the Raptor. You have control of Robert Muldoon and Vic, a dino handler. Destroy the two small blue cages at the bottom of your screen and rebuild a larger cage big enough for the cow.

Have Muldoon pick up the Control Panel piece and track it to the rest of the pieces. Put them together to build the pen control panel. Use it to enter the code and open the gate.

Switch to Vic and use the Stun Wand to power the generator on the truck. Ride the Cow out to the blue cage that you just constructed.

The crane driver takes this moment to go on a break so you’ll need to do it yourself. Have Muldoon shoot the target to lower the ladder and climb up to the crane. Enter the crane and move the beam over the cow cage to pick it up. Move it over the enclosure to finish this section.


#1: Shoot the four security cameras around the area. There are two in the lower docking area where you started the game, one on the loading dock and one on the tower.

#2 (Free Play): Put in the code in the panel by the cage near to the left steps. Around the back of the crane you’ll find the kit.

#3 (Free Play): To the right of the crane is a pile of droppings. Dive in to find the kit.

#4 (Free Play): In the bottom loading dock area there’s a container with tubes to the left. Use the Compy to go inside. Hit the 2 red switches and the kit will appear.

#5 (Free Play): In the back left corner is a fence with a pink/blue bar. Use an agile character to jump over the fence and find the kit.

Triceratops Enclosure

Ellie Sattler decides to stay and look after the sick Triceratops. Dive into the pile of droppings next to it and you’ll figure out what you need to feed it. This one needs an apple, carrot and icecream.

Get Gerry Harding, the ranger to pick up the leaf and track it. He’ll uncover a plant. Use Ellie Sattler to water the plant and climb up to the ledge above. Dive into another pile of droppings to find the Icecream. Drop down and feed it to the Triceratops.

Walk over to the left and dive into another pile of droppings. You’ll find a Carrot. Take that back to the Triceratops as well.

For the Apple you’ll need to water the plant under the cave. Jump up the flowers that appear and use Gerry to shoot the target. Climb up the rope and break the green plant. Some seeds will drop on the ground. Use Gerry to pick them up and track them. He’ll uncover a plant. Use Ellie Sattler to water the plant. An apple tree will appear. Smash it and grab an Apple. Take it back to the Triceratops and she’ll start to feel better.

Switch over to the Triceratops and smash through the fallen tree at the back of the field. A tree will fall on the car. Take the triceratops up the hill and smash over another tree. This one will fall down over the river.

Walk over the fallen tree with Ellie Sattler and water the plant on the other side. A large bridge will form made of vines. Walk the Triceratops over the river.

Charge into the fallen tree by the gate to the right. Switch to Ellie or Gerry and fix the control panel. Use Gerry to operate the panel and enter the code to open the gate. Head through to the middle area.

Use Gerry to shoot the target and climb up the ladder. Head across the walkway to the other side of the gate. You’ll need to get the Triceratops through as well. Use Ellie to jump up the boxes far to the right and push the container over the edge. Pick up the pieces and assemble a lever. Push the lever around to open the gate to the triceratops pen. Search inside the droppings to find a Crank.

Use the Crank on the gate mechanism and turn it around to open the gate. Switch to the Triceratops and smash through the wall at the back of the enclosure. Head through with Ellie or Gerry to end the level.

Amber – Triceratops

You’ll be given this Amber Fossil Brick automatically after the Triceratops breaks through the final wall and the cutscene begins.


#6: When you first get control of the Triceratops destroy the cliff wall to the right. Inside the cave you’ll find the kit.

#7: With the Triceratops destroy the 2 boulders in the first clearing and a third boulder over the other side of the river.

#8 (Free Play): To the left of where you find the Triceratops is a cave on the first ledge. Use a character that can light up the dark to find the kit.

#9 (Free Play): Below the third boulder for Minikit #7 is a dig pile. Dig it up to find the kit.

#10: In the middle area between the gates there’s a plant to the bottom left. Have Elsie water it and a kit will appear.

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