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You’ll begin the level having just entered Jurassic World. You can explore the entertainment if you want or just follow the translucent blue studs to the next area.

Make your way down the road to the fountain and then turn left. Continue along the road to a gate on the left with a hotdog stand outside. Switch to Gray and sneak through the duct.

Inside the building Gray can push the red button to open the gate. Hang on both the switches to open the next gate. Break the containers and use the pieces to put together a control panel to spawn in a Pachycephalosaurus. It will lift up into an arena.

Use the Pachy to break the pillars of rock, then fight off the other dinosaurs. You can use a regular attack or a tail whip to damage dinosaurs behind you. After the battle you’ll be back with Gray and Zach.

Next stop, Gyrospheres! Follow the blue translucent studs back the way you came to the fountain. Continue forwards and take the second left. You’ll see the large Gyrosphere sign.

At the entrance the staff member is upset because the machine isn’t working. Have Zach use the wrench to fix the machine.

Once the machine is working press the button to activate the mechanism and hop into one of the Gyrospheres.

Gyrosphere Chase

Roll onto the mechanism that opens the gate, the gyro switch, and head through to the dinosaur field. Roll past the lake and head towards the gate. You’ll need to unlock it before you can go through.

Bounce up to the scaffolding and roll on the gyro switch to lift up the plate blocking the button on the center of the gate. Drop down and use the bouncer to bounce up and press the button in the center of the gate and it will open. Go through for a cutscene.

After the cutscene you’ll be in the chase sequence. See below for picking up the collectibles.

Amber – Ankylosaurus

When you enter the forest and are rolling to the right stay towards the top of the screen. You’ll head up a ramp, then make a jump to the ledge with the Amber Fossil.


1: You’ll need to smash the 3 signs during the chase sequence. The first is to the right, the second to the left and then the third towards the top of the screen once you enter the forest.

Gyrosphere Escape

Destroy all the objects and then put them together to make a gyro switch. Have Zach use the switch and the bee hive will get flung towards the Indominus.

Switch to the Ankylosaurus and follow the prompts to win the fight. The tree will fall over and you’ll switch back to Gray. Have him build a ramp from the fallen pieces so you can get up to the next area.

Break the plants to reveal a little hatch and send Gray through. He’ll end up on the higher ledge. Jump across the vines to the camera location and take a photo.

Switch back to the Ankylosaurus and follow the prompts to win the dino fight. The Indominus will smash a pillar over. Assemble the pieces to make a ramp so Zach can roll over to the next section.

Smash the objects and put the bones together to make a trampoline. Have Gray jump up the handholds and slide down the vines to another ledge. Go through the hatch and break the box. Put the pieces together into a catapult to distract Indominus.

Switch to Ankylosaurus one last time and follow the directions to win the fight. They’ll both run off and smash a few things along the way. Have Gray drop down and put the pieces together to make a ladder and a lever.

Jump on the lever to roll the boulder off the gyro bounce pad. You’ll need to head back to the left and make another bounce pad for Zach. Zach can roll onto the bounce pad and bounce up to the hollow tree to slide down. Then bounce up using the second bounce pad up to the next area.

Smash all the objects and put the bones together to make a claw. Use the gyro switch to move the crane over and pick up the jeep.

Drop the jeep on the Indominus and it will eventually break the gyrosphere so Zach and Gray can escape.


2 (Free Play): From the start of this area break the rock to the left for the minkit pieces.

3 (Free Play): Near to the previous minikit use the grapple to make a rope. Climb into the tree for the minikit.

4 (Free Play): In the next higher area cut the vines on the rock and then use the gyro bounce pad to bounce up to an area with the minikit.

5 (Free Play): Once you find the small hatch you’ll see a black rock. Use a Dilophosaurus to break the rock and find the minikit.

6 (Free Play): In the stream you’ll see a rock that you can open with a crowber. Inside you’ll find a minikit.

7 (Free Play): When you make the bone trampoline to bounce up to the tree go left instead of right. You can then paraglide to the left for the minikit.

8 (Free Play): After finding the third gyro switch look for the grate in the ground. Thre’s a dig spot nearby. Dig up some pieces and make them into a security panel. Use the panel to release the minikit.

9 (Free Play): In the area with the crane water the plat to grow a flower and get the minikit.

10 (Free Play): Use the monitor at the base of the crane to get the minikit.

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