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Wellspring Glades

Wellspring Glades is a little village with lots of NPC characters to talk to. The first one you’ll find is Opher who’ll teach you new combat skills or upgrade the ones you have. He’ll also give you a rumor about ancient knowledge.

Continue to the left to find Tokk. When you talk to him you’ll give him the Map in exchange for a Wanderer’s Pouch. Just next to the broken well you’ll find Gromm. He seems to run this place and will fix it up if you give him Gorlek Ore.

Repairing the Spirit Well first is probably a good idea. Later you can work on some of the other projects when you have the ore.

Continue to the left and you’ll find a Moki who asks you to find his family. He’ll give you a Key to the family hut which is located in the Silent Woods.

Just in the cave to the left you’ll find Twillen the shopkeeper. You can always come back here to buy new shards or upgrade the ones you have.

Also inside this cave is a Moki who wants a hat and a stone floor that’s breakable with the Hammer Smash.

Climb up to the cliff to speak with Motay. He’ll have all your stats about how far you’ve progressed through the game and how many of each of the collectibles you’ve found.

You will need to speak to Gromm and ask him to clear up the thorns before you can access part of this area. Down in the tunnels you’ll find Lupo’s house. He doesn’t have a map of this area but will ask you to go and map out the Silent Woods for him.

Use the map above to navigate through this level to the exit to The Wellspring (left side of map). You can come back here once you’ve cleared the water and have the Grapple ability to reach a few new places. There are lots of collectibles hidden up in the tree.

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