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Luma Pools

To get to Luma Pools for the first time you’ll need to swim around to the large wheel in The Wellspring. Ride the wheel to the top and float across to the entrance to the Luma Pools. I highly recommend buying the Water Breathing ability from the Wellspring Glades before continuing with this area.

Use the bubble to bounce up to the left and speak to the Moki. He asks you to find Kwolok. This starts the Kwolok’s Wisdom quest.

Before continuing use the feather to blow the bubble a little to the right. Quickly grapple up to the blue flower and jump across to it so you can bounce up to the Gorlek Ore above.

Float back down and head across to the left. You’ll be prevented from going further by a stone door. Get up as high as you can and use the enemies to bash your way up to a Lever. You may want to use a Light Burst to get some height initially. Alternatively you can bash the coral bridge to release the bubbles. Either way make your way up and pull the Lever to open the stone door.

Head through the door and use a Light Burst to bash up to grab the Gorlek Ore. Drop down into the water below and use the creature to break the purple wall. You can also use it to kill the starfish preventing the bubbles from escaping.

Jump up to the left to Tokk and use a Light Burst to bash your way up to the fishing Moki. He wants some thread or a net so he can continue fishing.

Drop down into the water and swim past the plants to draw back the coral. You’ll need to do this a few times until you can get to the last plant above the water level.

This opens the stone hatch below which lets the water drain out. The Spirit Well should now be above the water level so you can use it to replenish your energy and life.

Swim down through the hatch you just opened and break the purple wall with an exploding fish for the Ultra Bash Spirit Shard. Use the fish to break the purple wall above so you can continue on your way.

When you reach the platform over the water to the left a battle will begin. You’ll be back here for another battle once you have the water dash ability but for now defeat all the enemies and continue through the door to the left.

To the top left is the Energy Harvest Spirit Shard and to the right of that is the beginning of the Spirit Trial.

Drop into the water and release an exploding fish from the bottom left. Bring it up to smash the purple wall to the right. Jump up to find Lupo the Map Maker.

Break the wall to the right for a shortcut back and some Gorlek Ore if you haven’t picked it up already.

Head back and use the exploding fish to break the purple wall further to the left. Swim through and get out of the water to find Kwolok. He has a small chat with you and then dives off to find the Wisp.

Climb up the wall to the right and then jump and float across to the ledge on the left side of the pool to find the Mysterious Seed.

Dive back into the water and deflect the fireball from the underwater plant onto the starfish. This should release the bubbles.

Climb up the wall to the right again and this time bounce off the bubble to get to the highest ledge. Continue to the left and dive into the water.

Use the exploding fish to bash up to the first Keystone. Get out of the water and use a Light Burst to bash up to the second Keystone.

The third Keystone is just under a ledge to the right. It’s easy to overlook but you can easily grab once you spot it. The final Keystone is to the left of the third, right next to the wall with the thorns. Once again it’s easy to grab but not so easy to spot.

The Spirit Trial finish line is here but there’s no point attempting it until you have the underwater dash ability.

Explore the area up and to the left if you want to grab the Gorlek Ore and Energy Cell Fragment. You’ll need to bounce off the bubbles to reach the Lever in the top right area of this room. This opens the door to the left with the energy cell fragment.

When you’re done head back down and use the Keystones to open the door. Head through and absorb the light from the Spirit Tree for the Swim Dash ability.

To open the door above dash into the stone button in the bottom right corner of the pool. You can use the Swim Dash to ram underwater enemies as well.

Bounce on the bubbles up through the exit and use a Light Burst to bash your way up to a secret in the next room with an Energy Cell Fragment.

To open the large underwater stone door you’ll need to touch the four plants in time. Each of them will make the sound of a bell when you pass them. Start with the one in the bottom left, dash up to the one above, grapple over to the plant in the top right and dash into the water for the final plant.

From here you can use the missile fish to smash the purple wall across the gap to the right. Inside you’ll find a Life Cell Fragment.

Most of this area should be complete now so drop into the water and make your way back across to the left. When you enter the room with the platform above the water you’ll have a another battle. This time the room will fill with water.

Once you’ve defeated the enemies the hatch above will open. You’ll be able to bounce off a bubble to reach the Life Cell Fragment above.

Swim through the tunnel to the east. You’ll be able to swim past the smashing blocks with the Swim Dash. Along the way you’ll come across another Spirit Well.

Swim around to the left and up to find Kwolok. Something is definitely wrong with him. He’s been corrupted!

Use the Spirit Arc with all the damage buffs to take his health down quickly. I like the shard that splits the Spirit Arc into 5 arrows.

Once Kwolok is down to about half health the cavern will fill up with water. If he starts shooting missiles at you deflect them back at him. Otherwise stay underwater and use the Swim Dash to quickly dash upwards and get off a few shots.

After Kwolok has almost been defeated he will break free from the corruption and you’ll be given the next Wisp. Now that you have the Swim Dash ability and found the Wisp head back and explore any areas that you might have missed along the way before continuing to the next area.

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