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Ultima Underworld Level 6 Map

Ultima Underworld Level 6

Level 6 of the Abyss was once a place of teaching and learning with the Academy and Library located in the northwest area. This level is still home to the Seers of the Moonstone, a group of friendly mages. If you’ve found all the Runes along the way you will be able to complete your set of Runestones on this level. You’ll also be able to find another 4 Talismans after visiting this level.

Wine of Compassion

Most of this level will revolve around this group of Mages. There’s plenty to do here and lots of mages to talk to…

Shield of Valor

The Shield of Valor is held by the Golem in the battle arena to the west. Once you defeat the Golem he’ll deem you worthy and give you the shield. He’s not too difficult to beat if you have upgraded your weapon skills using the mantra the knights gave you on Level 4.

Book of Honesty

Speak with Morlock and he’ll tell you that Bronus has a book for him. Visit Bronus and agree to deliver the book. Take the book back to Morlock and he’ll be so grateful that he’ll give you a clue to finding the Book of Honesty.

The room in the southern area of the Academy looks like an hourglass. Open the secret door on the south wall and jump over the chasm to the key shaped room. In there  you’ll find the talisman.

Cup of Wonder

The Cup of Wonder is a difficult talisman to find as you’ll need to go through a number of steps to locate it. First speak with Fyrgen in the Seers of the Moonstone area. He’ll instruct you on the use of incense. Light a torch and use the incense on the torch. Click on the burning incense to have a vision.

Ultima Underworld Cup of Wonder

Repeat this three times. You’ll need three blocks of incense. Each time you’ll see a part of the mantra needed to find the cup but they are in reverse order. Repeating them back to front gives you INSAHN.

Visit a shrine and recite the mantra, INSAHN. You’ll be given directions from that shrine to the area where the cup is located. Follow the instructions and repeat at another shrine if you get lost. Eventually you’ll find the room the cup is supposed to be located in but it’s empty.

Have you learnt the flute song from Eyesnack on Level 5? Play the song in this location and the Cup of Wonder will be revealed. The flute song is 3 5 4 2 3 7 8 7 5.

Vas Stone

Gralwart, in the eastern section of the Seers enclave will give you a clue about finding the Vas stone. The entrance to the area you need to get to is in between the two Seers of the Moonstone banners that look like eyes, east of the central area. Walk between them and you’ll be teleported to a large square area. Pick up 4 Emeralds off the floor and throw them on top of the four pillars in the corners of the room. Once you’ve done this press the grey button to reveal the Vas stone.

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