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Ultima Underworld Level 5 Map

Ultima Underworld Level 5

Level 5 of the Abyss is home to the Ghouls, those who were once human but have become perverted by feasting on human flesh. In the northwest you’ll find the tombs where still lies the haft of the Sword of Caliburn. The Mines are to the southwest and contain a strange substance called Zanium. The puzzle room to the north west holds the Ring of Humility.

The Tombs

The Tombs to the northeast can be accessed through the Bullfrog Puzzle on Level 4 or by going through the Ghouls area on this level. Either way inside you’ll find plenty of Skeletons and a few Ghosts which shouldn’t pose a problem. But more importantly lying in one of the tombs is the haft of the Sword Caliburn. Take the haft and the Blade back to Shak on Level 2 and he’ll repair the Sword of Justice, one of the Talismans.

The Ghouls

There are a few Ghouls that you must talk to. Firstly have a chat with Marrowsuck. He’s a tailor and will make a set of lava-resistant Dragon Scale Boots if you give him the Dragon Scales that you got from Sethar Strongarm on Level 4.

The leader of the Ghouls is Shanklick. She knows a lot about the evil wizard so talk to get some more information about your quest.

It’s also very important that you speak with Eyesnack. He’ll give you a Flute Song as long as you have a flute in your inventory. You’ll need to play this song later on for another one of the Talismans.

Kneenibble used to be the Mine Controller and will tell you how to operate the teleporter into the Mines if you give him 10 fish. An easy way to get these fish is to fish just north of Oradinar on Level 4.

The Mines

Speak with Anjor in the room with the Shrine. He’ll tell you about the Zanium he’s trying to collect in the mines and offers a reward if you can find it for him. Tell him you’ll do it and he’ll give you a sample.

After talking to Kneenibble in the Ghoul area head to the Mine Controller room in the west. Use the controls. The code is 7 – 2 – 6 to open the gate to the teleporter. Walk inside and you’ll be teleported into the mines.

Run around like pac man and pick up all the Zanium until you have at least 80 bits. Teleport out at T3 back to the Controller Room. Give the Zanium to Anjor and after a while he’ll reward you with a Gold Nugget. You can take this back to Goldthirst on Level 2 for a Jeweled Axe of Additional Damage.

Gate Travel

In the Controller Room you’ll find a Ragged Scroll of Gate Travel. This spell will take you to the Moonstone on Level 2. Pick up the Moonstone and you can take it with you. If you want to fast travel back to a location just place the Moonstone down. You can travel back to it anytime you want by casting the Gate Travel spell.

Ring of Humility

The Knight Derek, from Level 4, will give you the combination to the puzzle room in the northwest with the four levers. You’ll need to hug the walls as you pull the lever because walking close to the middle of the room will reset the puzzle.

Don’t worry about whether the levers are up or down to begin with. That won’t matter at all. All that matters is staying out of the middle of the room and pulling them in the right order. The right order for the switches is: NW, SE, NE and SW. Once you pull the four switches the Ring of Humility will appear on the middle pedestal.

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