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The Battle at Crestfall

Objectives: Destroy Orc Transports, Oil Derricks and Shipyards

Luckily you can ignore the Orc base for this mission. You only need control of the sea so you can destroy the Transports, Oil Platforms and Shipyards.

The easiest way to gather oil without being detected is to send your fleet, including a Transport with a Peasant, directly to the eastern corner.

From here you can build an Oil Platform and a Refinery right next to it on the island. You may need to use the Battleships to take out a Tower and a few enemies. Keep your fleet there just in case you’re spotted by any enemy ships.

Back at your home base on the western island make sure you have 2 Shipyards and start producing Battleships. Send them out to patrol the seas and clear the map of all enemy Oil Platforms, Shipyards and Transports. Make sure you have a Flying Machine with your fleet to spot any underwater Turtles.

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