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Tol Barad

Objectives: Reclaim Tol Barad and destroy Dun Modr

Move all your units onto the Transports and send them with the Destroyers east and up to the north of the island where the Orcs are attacking. If you go quickly you might save the Barracks from being destroyed.

Move into the town of the red Humans to claim the units and buildings. It’s easiest if you break some of the walls next to the Barracks so you can get through to the town.

You may run out of forest area fairly quickly so send a few Peasants up to the small island to the north west of the map. There’s also another Gold Mine on the island directly north of your main base.

When you have a few ships send them to the east to take out the Orc Shipyard, then land troops on the land in the northeast corner. Set up a Barracks here so you can easily resupply your troops.

Send your troops into the Orc base and destroy all enemy units and structures to complete the mission.

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