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The Fall of Stromgarde

Objectives: Recapture the orc transports and destroy Stromgarde

Send your Destroyers into the bay to the east to find the stolen Transports. Move your small band of Trolls, Grunts and Ogres over to the transports and wipe out any Humans you find along the way. Bring your Peons into a Transport as well.

Sail your ships to the island to the north-west. This is where you’ll set up your main base. There are 2 Footmen and a Tower guarding the Gold Mine so get rid of them and set up your own Town Hall.

You’ll first need to get control over the sea so build a Shipyard and start harvesting the Oil from the Oil Patch just to the east of the island.

Send a group of Destroyers to the Human base to the north and take out their Shipyard and as many other structures and units as you can.

Bring Transports with Ogres, Trolls and a Peon or two up to the north. If there are too many enemy units try to draw some of them out and bomb them with your Destroyers.

Clear out a section and build a Barracks so you can reinforce your units quickly. Continue the attack and clear out all the enemy units and structures to complete the mission.

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