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Assault on Hillsbrad

Objectives: Destroy Hillsbrad and slaughter the defenders

This map is divided up into smaller islands. Your Orc horde begins on the island in the south east and the Humans are on the island to the north west. You will need to construct a Shipyard and then a Foundry so that you can build Transports to send your troops across the sea.

The safest Oil Patch is in the very south east corner. Build a Shipyard or Oil Refinery on the south side of the island so your Tankers don’t have far to travel. The Humans will send Transports with Footmen and Archers to your island so make sure you keep ground troops available.

You will need about 4 to 6 Destroyers to clear the sea. You can then use them to attack enemy ground units to clear a path for your Transports. You may want about a dozen units with a mix of Grunts and Trolls. Clear out the enemy base and kill all enemy units to complete the mission.

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