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Tyr’s Hand

Objectives: Quell the Peasant uprising, build a castle and destroy the enemy forces

Send your Knights and Footmen north into the base using the Attack move command. They will automatically kill any hostile Peasants. The Peasants dressed in orange are hostile and those in teal are friendly.

There are three entrances to this base and you’ll need Towers and units protecting each entrance. The three Orc bases are all quite small so don’t pose a significant threat.

Get your economy going by training more Peasants. Build the Blacksmith, Lumbermill and Barracks so you can upgrade the Town Hall to a Keep.

Don’t worry about sending any units out for now. Build the Stable and Gnomish Inventor and then save up resources to turn your Keep into a Castle.

Train groups of 9 Knights and send them out to destroy one of the Orc bases. Continue to replace any lost Knights and make your way around to the other two Orc bases. Once all enemies have been defeated the mission will be completed.

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