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The Razing of Tyr’s Hand

Objectives: Build a Fortress and a Shipyard on the island in the the bay

You begin this mission with a well established base, including a Shipyard, Lumber Mill, Barracks and enough farms to produce a few more units. The Humans will transport over Knights and other units so make sure build some defensive Towers.

Once your base is secure build a few Jugernauts to explore the island at the mouth of Tyr’s bay. You won’t need to worry about the rest if the Human base on the mainland.

If you start to run out of gold there is another Mine on the small island to the north west of your main base.

When you have 6 or more Juggernauts send them north and take out any structures or units you can reach. You may want to take a Zeppelin to spot any underwater units.

Land a transport with Ogres on the island and let the Juggernauts help out by bombing any Humans that get close. Wipe out all the Human structures on the island and build a Shipyard and Town Hall. Upgrade the Town Hall to a Fortress to complete the mission.

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