Warcraft 2: Tides of Darkness continues the saga of the war between the Orcs and Humans. This time they’ll fight on land, sea and in the air. New units include Dragons, Zepplins, Juggernauts and Death Knights. It includes a campaign for both the Orcs and Humans with 14 missions in each campaign.

The maps in Tides of Darkness are far larger than those in Orcs and Humans. The largest are four times bigger than the original maps. It features SVGA graphics with an improved user interface. You can now group up to 9 units at a time, with 6 units being able to find on sea transports.

In addition to collecting Gold and Wood you’ll need Oil for your ships. Some ship upgrades and structures also need oil. You can find oil by constructing an Oil Rig over an Oil Patch. Tankers will then gather the oil and deliver it to your Shipyard or Refinery.

Tides of Darkness Walkthrough

Orc Campaign

Raid at Hillsbrad
Assault on Hillsbrad
Tol Barad
The Badlands
The Fall of Stromgarde
The Runestone at Caer Darrow
The Razing of Tyr’s Hand
The Destruction of Stratholme
The Dead Rise as Quel’Thalas Falls
The Tomb of Sargeras
The Siege of Dalaran
The Fall of Lordaeron

Human Campaign

Ambush at Tarren Mill
Attack on Zul’dare
Tol Barad
Dun Algaz
Grim Batol
Tyr’s Hand
The Battle at Darrowmere
The Prisoners
Betrayal and the Destruction of Alterac
The Battle at Crestfall
Assault on Blackrock Spire
The Great Portal