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The Battle at Darrowmere

Objectives: Escort the Lightbringer to the Circle of Power

This mission can be completed quite quickly if you know what you’re doing. Use the Gnomish Flying Machine to scout out the map and then move your fleet to the south west. Try to stay out of range of any Towers or Catapults but you may need to destroy them if you can’t avoid them.

When you’ve caused enough disruption send your Transports through the channel to the north west. You only need one Transport but send all four to decrease the chances of one of them sinking.

Load the Lightbringer and his guards into one of the Transports and send them back to the south east. Send what boats you have ahead of them to distract an enemy vessels. The Transports should be able to make it past any defences.

Unload the Lightbringer onto the land in the south east corner and stand on the Circle of Power to complete the mission.

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