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The Destruction of Stratholme

Objectives: Destroy Stratholme and all Oil Platforms and Refineries

This mission is a little tough to get started. Use the Goblin Sappers to clear a path through the rocks and then send your army north over the ice.

Set up a Town Hall on the little strectch of land and leave some Peons here to harvest materials. The rest of your army can continue north.

When you reach the land further north construct a Lumber Mill and Barracks. There’s a second mine here so you’ll also want a second Town Hall at some stage.

You’ll be quite close to the Human base here and they’ll constantly send out units to harass you. Keep your army on the north west side of your base and focus on building more units. Unfortunatly you’ll need to construct a few Farms before you can get any more units out.

Build a Blacksmith and start producing Catapults. Slowly send them north and take out the Towers protecting the entrance to the Human base. From here you can inch your army forwards, taking out anything in your way.

Once you’ve cleared out the Humans on land you’ll still need to clear the see. Build a Shipyard and produce enough ships to destroy all the Oil Platforms.

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