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The Runestone at Caer Darrow

Objectives: Destroy the Human Castle and secure the Runestone

Send a Zeppelin out to explore the map, especially the central island where the Runestone is located. You have access to Juggernaughts for this mission so start building them once you have a Shipyard and a Foundry. The Foundry also lets you research upgrades for your ships.

The Humans will send Transport loads of Footmen and Archers so make sure you set up Towers along the coast and have units ready to fend off any attack.

Once you have 4 or more Juggernaughts send them sout to the island and start chipping away at the enemy units and structures. Focus on their Shipyard, Towers and any ranged units. Make sure you always bring a Zeppelin along with your fleet because the Humans have access to Submarines from this mission onwards.

Once you’ve caused enough damage with your Juggernaughts send in the Ogres and Catapults to finish off the job and secure the Runestone. Once the Castle in the center of the island has been destroyed the mission will be complete. You can ignore the Human base to the south-east.

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