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The Tomb of Sargeras

Objectives: Destroy the Stormreaver and Twilight’s Hammer Clan

The most difficult part of this mission is securing your oil drilling and taking control of the sea. You begin with an army in the south west corner. You can either send them on Transports to the small island with the Gold Mine, the medium island with the small Orc army or the large island with the two bases.

Sending your army over to the medium island seems to be the most consistent although you will need to defeat the small Orc army once you get there. Try to draw the enemy Orcs close to your ships so you can take them out quickly.

You don’t need to worry about land units at all for now. Once you have the basics up and running build a Shipyard on the medium island and then a Refinery on the small island. From here you can set up a Drilling Platform on the Oil Patch just to the west. Construct a second Shipyard and Foundry so you can get out Juggernauts as quickly as possible.

Once the Oil Platform is secured send your ships north to take out the enemy Shipyards. Bring a Zeppelin along because the enemy Orcs will have Turtles for this mission.

Now that you have control over the sea you can take your time building an army and sending it north to take out the two Orc bases. You will need Goblin Sappers to destroy the rocks blocking the central part of the island. Make sure you have Troll Axethrowers with you because the Orcs have a small group of flying Daemons in the center of the island.

Once the map has been cleared of the two Orc clans the mission will be complete.

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