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Once this quest begins you won’t be able to go off and complete other side quests until you finish the main story. The Warble of a Smitten Knight side quest will fail if you haven’t completed it already.

To begin the quest go to the Count de la Croix Mill at midnight and meet Damien. Tell him you’re ready and a cutscene will begin.

When you’re back in control take out the guards and make your way into the courtyard. More guards will attack so take them out as you go. You’ll meet the estate owner Rodrick with more guards. Kill them and then talk to Rodrick. Something is odd about the supposed hostage Syanna. She appears to be more of a guest than a hostage.

After the chat you can either take the time to help Rodrick or just carry onwards. Make your way to a group of archers on a narrow balcony and head up the stairs for another cutscene.

Dettlaff and Regis will join you as you continue on your way. They’ll take out most of the guards by themselves. Make your way to the manor for another cutscene. It seems The Duchess’ sister and the “hostage” are one and the same person. Dettlaff will demand she see him in 3 days to explain herself or he’ll destroy Beauclair.

Anna appears and orders her sister to be held in a safe location and demands that you kill the vampire Dettlaff before he destroys the city. The quest ends and the next one begins immediately.

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