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This is the final main quest for Blood and Wine and wraps up the entire series. Make your way home to Corvo Bianco and talk to Barnabas-Basil Foulty. He’ll tell you that someone dropped in to see you but refuses to say who they are.

Your choices throughout the game will determine who has come to see you. If you romanced Yennefer it will be her. If you romanced Triss it will be Triss. If you didn’t romance either of them and Ciri is a Witcher or Empress she will be waiting for you. If you played a standalone Blood and Wine game or Ciri didn’t come back and you romanced neither Triss nor Yen then Dandelion will be here to see you.

After you have a chat with them they’ll stay around on your estate while you finish up any other tasks you wish to complete.

Congratulations on completing Witcher 3: Blood and Wine!