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The Cemetery

Make your way to the Mere-Lachaiselongue Cemetery and knock on the door to the crypt. There’s no answer so you’ll need to find another way inside. Use your Witcher senses to find and open tomb and drop down.

Kill the Kikimores and if you want destroy all the eggs with Igni. Once the eggs a destroyed a Kikimore Warrior will appear. Kill it as well and then continue on your way.

At the intersection take a left and use The Eye of Nehaleni on the illusory wall to find a Silver Sword called Casus Foederis and a letter. Head back to the right and use Aard to destroy the wall. Go inside to meet Regis.

Regis needs a few ingredients and one of them can be found from a Spotted Wight. Geralt thinks they’re extinct but Regis’ crows have found one in the area.

Trastamara Estate Ruins

Make your way to the estate and you’ll notice spoons dangling everywhere. There are also a few Barghests that you may have to kill or run past.

As you enter the main building Geralt will read out a curse that’s been scratched over the walls. There are many spoons here but only one of them is worth keeping, the Spoon Key.

Read the Stained Diary in the oven and examine the mirror in the bedroom, the table with the skeletons sitting around it and the table near the cauldron. Examine the cauldron also and you’ll be given a chance to hide. Go to the cupboard and wait inside for the Wight to return.

Spotted Wight

You can either fight the creature or try to lift the curse. Either way you’ll get the ingredient you need but lifting the curse will provide more story and give you a secondary quest.

If you try to lift the curse you’ll have to eat a meal with the Wight. You have a choice of 3 actions. Only the third one is correct, eating without spoons. If you get this choice wrong the Wight will run off.

After lifting the curse the Wight will turn into a woman, Marlene. You can take her back to your estate in Corvo Bianco if you want and let Barnabas-Basil look after her.

Tesham Mutna

Make your way back to the cemetery and talk to Regis again. When you’re ready go with him to the Tesham Mutna Ruins. This is where you can find the Tesham Mutna armor set that leeches life from killed enemies to restore your health.

The first 3 pieces of the armor set can be found in the first room. Make sure you grab the Tesham Mutna Sword, Armor and Trousers before you leave.

Continue down the stairs and examine the signs on the walls. Inside the chest you’ll find the Tesham Mutna Mask and Boots. Follow Regis and you’ll find another chest next to a skeleton. Open it to find the final piece of the set, the Tesham Mutna Gauntlets.

Once you reach the cavern Regis will give you bait to place around the area. This will lure the monsters and make Regis rage. That’s why he’ll need to be placed in a cage. Wait for the creatures to appear and kill them off. Eventually Regis will transform and a cutscene will play.

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