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Make your way to the Bootblack who was seen with Dettlaff in the vision. He sets up a little stand in the Beauclair Port. You’ll need to arrive in the day time after 8am or he might not be there.

When you approach you’ll see him surrounded by a group of angry men. No matter how you try to diffuse the situation the 3 men will attack. Try to fight them off but either way, win or lose, the Ducal Guard will appear and arrest the men.

The Bootblack is pretty smart for a little kid. He’ll tell you what he knows but only for a price of 500 Crowns. You can use Axii on him instead if you wish. When the conversation seems like it’s at a dead end Regis will appear and help you out.

It seems the boy does know that Dettlaff has been staying at a toy store called The Rocking Horse. Follow Regis to the store and try to open the door. Regis will unlock it from the inside. Go in and examine all the toys. Head upstairs and look at the picture of the woman’s face on the wall. Look also at the tools on the work table and the music box.

Grab the Letters to the right of the work table and the Suspicious Letter in the small jug by the stairs. Read them and then talk to Regis to complete the quest.

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