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If you don’t have appropriate clothes for the party you can visit the Tailor’s Workshop and speak with Pierre. He’ll be able to sell you an outfit for the soiree. When you are ready equip your formal wear and make your way to the Mountebank Alley to meet Anna.

Anna won’t be there so wait until she arrives. She’ll then give you a mask to wear. Put it on and head through the door to the party.

There are a number of activities that you can participate in, paint balls, mimes, sampling the absinthe and lighting the lantern.

When you’re done enjoying the festivities face the back railing and enter the first alcove on the left where you’ll find a painter. Talk to him to find out the woman he’s painting isn’t Cecilia but he did see her wander off to the refreshment tables.

Go over to the tables and use your Witcher senses to find a few things to examine. Look at the heart-shaped box and follow the scent through the courtyard and into a building. The guard will recognize the Duchess and offer to help.

Go up the stairs and follow the scent into the middle room for a cutscene. Examine the handprint on the door frame and the body, then go out to the balcony. Cross over to the next balcony, examine the pot and footprints and the climb the ladder around the corner.

Enter the room and examine the mirror, jewelry box, blood stain and broken necklace. You can then pick up the Valuable Jewel beside it. You also need to examine the slashed painting, the knife near the door, the inkwell, the blood on the window ledge and the candelabrum near the window. Once you’ve finished looking around a cutscene will begin.

Regis and Dettlaff will both appear and you’ll all have a conversation together. Regis will then find an excuse to pull you aside for a private conversation. When you come back to the others the quest will be complete.

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