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After you’ve decided to search for the Unseen Elder Regis will join you on a boat and you’ll have time to chat. Once you arrive at your destination interact with the sealed door and go inside.

Make your way through the cave and you’ll come to a submerged tunnel and a upper path. Both lead to the same place but Regis will only follow you if you take the dry path.

Both paths will lead to a room with a Fleder. Kill it and then take the path marked with the torch. When you enter the next room a cutscene will begin.

Clearly the Elder isn’t talking to anyone and will toss you out of the room. Make sure you turn around and pick up your swords as they will have fallen to the floor.

Head around the stone column and pick up the health potion. Geralt will pass out and then wake up fully refreshed. Pick up your other items and make your way up the ledge to a room with water moving in odd directions.

Drop down and go to the campfire where you’ll find the Mage’s Notes suggesting that the barrier between worlds is very thin here. Use your Witcher senses to find the footprints and follow them to the left side of the chamber.

Continue along until you find 2 Protofleders. Take them out and continue follow the footprints on the other side up the ledge. Head across the bridge and you’ll find the Megascope and second Mage’s Notes.

Continue along the stream and you’ll end up walking upside down on the roof of the cavern. Follow the path to a gap. Jump across and kill the Protofleder. Search the Mage’s body for a Crumpled Letter and the silver sword Cantata. Jump back over the gap and pick up the Rose-Colored Stone. This is an offering you’ll need for the Unseen Guardian.

Make your way around until Geralt comments on the large stone. Use Aard on it and it will float up. Jump into the upward flowing waterfall and you’ll be back by the campfire.

Make your way up the ledge and out of the cavern. You’ll return to the main chamber. The Unseen Elder will be there and he’ll accept your offering.

Saying the wrong thing to the Unseen Elder can lead to instant death. Don’t ask him more than one side question and when he asks about Dettlaff respond by saying “Dettlaff spells trouble for you”. The other 2 options will get Geralt killed.

Eventually the Unseen Elder will agree to force Dettlaff to meet you at the Tesham Mutna Ruins. After the dialogue you can talk a bit more with Regis outside before heading off to Tesham Mutna.

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